Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Morning Questions: The Big Apology Edition

That's right, readers. I feel as if I owe you guys an apology.

It's been a hell of a week for me—heck, it's been a hell of a month for me. Since I found out three and a half weeks ago that I'm relocating across the country, I've done enormous amounts of home repair, packed up half my belongings to store in the garage, and have managed to get my home on the market. I feel that all the hard work has come at a cost, however, and that's been at the expense of my readers.

I've been really bad about getting around to comments and email—this week especially. I've skipped over comments and hurt feelings. I haven't been as responsive to your instant messages as I could have. It's not because I don't love you guys—I do. But I've been a little harried.

So those of you waiting patiently for emails and personal replies, bear with me a few more days until I'm over the home renovation hump. I promise to get to you!

I'll be catching up on some more questions from today. Of course, if you have quick questions, feel free to ask them there—the friskier the better. You can always ask anonymously, if you wish.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, guys.

As an adult what is the longest period of days or weeks that you've ever gone without ejaculating?
About five days. By which time I was ready to bang the stuffing out of someone or anything.

I don't really like to get fucked, but I'd bury my lips and chin between your buttocks to smell and taste you and try to eat you until you go numb. Then you could stroke your erection into my throat until you release into me as I look up into your eyes. 
I would posit that you don't like to be fucked because no one's ever fucked you right. That's where I should come in.

If you treated a guy to dinner & a movie, would you assume that you had earned the right to slam his asshole?
The right? No, I wouldn't think that. But it wouldn't stop me from trying.

When one meets a couple, what are the best clues for who's a top and who's a bottom?
With the couples that seek me out, I find that although one of them is nominally the top and the other the bottom, they both want to bottom for me. In a lot of relationships, the partners tend to fall into roles that they never push, or explore. They don't swap roles, quite often. Bringing in a third gives them an opportunity to shake things up a little, and quite often the top will exercise his opportunity to put his ass in the air.

If you're hoping to find a couple with a top and a bottom, the best way to find out is simply to ask. Even if it's a 'So, what're you guys into?', chances are you'll find out everything you know.

Otherwise, the bottom is the one that hops into the sling first.

just starting to follow you, so sorry if this is a repeat question, but have you ever bred more than one guy in a day? if so, how many guys?
Oh, absolutely. I think my record of the number of guys I left loads in is 7 in a day, at a very big and very long group party. I fucked a lot more asses than seven that day, though.

have you drank/tasted piss before? or is it not your thing
Yes, I have. If I'm on the receiving end, I prefer to be showered, but I've swallowed it before.

have you ever met an All England Wimbledon -qualifying tennis player?
No, nor a football player wearing a Superbowl ring, nor anyone who participated in the World Series. Hell, I haven't even had a competitive curling champion.

Could you cum just from rimming?
I don't know if I could have a traditional orgasm. Two guys have gotten me near a point, with rimming, that I felt as if I were about to encounter what a few bottoms have described to me as an 'anal orgasm.' It was pretty intense.

Which is a bigger turn-on for you...a daddy bear? or an otter bear?
It would entirely depend on the man, not his label.

Are you Happy?

I have dissatisfactions in my life and career frustrations. But i have a very good life, and it seems wiser to me to relish the good things rather than to dwell on the bad. Often happiness is a choice we make, and I will consistently choose its path rather than the negative.

Are your orgasms quiet polite ones or are you one for dirty expletives as your toes curl?
It totally varies, depending on the setting, the guy, and the orgasm. When I fuck in public, or when I used to fuck in my office, I trained myself to have very quiet orgasms. If I'm in a bedroom with the windows shut and the guy and I are really going at it, I'll be loud and noisy.

You'll know when it's happening, though.

When you suck a guy off, do you ever kiss his cum from your mouth to his, so that he can swallow & enjoy his own cum?
Sure, I've done that many times.

You're like a vampire. I'm attracted 2 u, yet I'm afraid of u. Tell me something about u that I can relate 2. A flaw that makes u not so perfect.
I have never, ever claimed to be perfect. On the contrary.

I'm really vague about dates. I will forget to pay bills unless my calendar is loaded up with preset reminders. My profession allows me a lot of creative expression and satisfaction, but I'd make more money slinging fries. I never fail to say "I told you so" when I'm proven right, and when I play games I'm competitive to the point of frightening people (though I don't really care who wins). Furthermore, I have no ass. That's just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

On the plus side, I've never had a parking ticket.

What do you think is your sexiest trait in abstract terms?
My ability to create the kind of quiet, dominant intimacy that a lot of people crave.

That's exactly how I'd like to cum- making out with you while locked in the bend of your embrace. What can I do to please you?
The making out with me would do it.

I am also a tactile person. I love to be touched. If you could work that into your routine, you'd find me very responsive and attentive in return.

In general, I'm fairly easily pleased.

wanna phone bone hot man? Grin
I don't really like phone sex, I have to admit. Feigning sex in any way, whether it's pretending to have it on the phone, or pretending to have it online.

I'd really rather be having the sex itself. Imagining it simply doesn't do it for me.

Are you as hot in the flesh as your blog suggests you to be?
I don't use my blog to exaggerate what physical gifts I have. My journal is not a tool for me to masturbate my ego.

I think I've stated in my blog many times that I am far from the handsomest of men, and that my body is not going to appear on the cover of an men's fitness magazine at any time, ever. I'm all right, in other words. However, even with my modest looks, I've got a good personality and a great sex drive and enough of a dirty imagination to make an encounter memorable, with a participant who wants to help make it good.


  1. Hey dudes, anyone here who knows what has happend with the blog STUD FOR RENT? He posted every day and now the blog is closed?! Got a clue? Was he a fake or what? You guys reading this blog must have a clue.

  2. I don't know what happened to Evan, Lucas. He was one of my favorite bloggers, and his disappearance both hurt and concerned me. I hope he's well wherever he is, and that perhaps he's still reading and might see my good wishes.

  3. Thanks for Your reply man, Maybe he reads this and leave a comment why he shut down.
    Well, Hope u have a great week an so, take care man.

  4. Now I'm sad ... I just read your profile and see you live in Michigan. I'm in Ohio ... just one state away from one of the best bloggers I've ever read. And now you say you're moving elsewhere. Bummer!

  5. I'm not leaving for a couple of more months, Ranter. Come visit. :-)

  6. Hey Rob, did I miss it, or have you not yet told us to which part of the country your are moving. I hope this is a move of choice made by you or your wife to improve a career and that it works out well for all of you. And hope it is not due to being downsized.
    Good luck selling the house and getting relocated - it is tough on relationships and kids, but you are such a survivor and you see the good in so many situations and people. You are a terrific writer and I hope wherever you land your talent can be used well.