Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweaty Field Trip Day: Cazwell

Ordinarily I only post my own photos and videos on my blog, but today I'm making an exception. We're going on a little musical field trip, but bring your water bottles, because whew, it's hot out! On the way back, if you're very, very good, we can get some ice cream.

The music video for Cazwell's new single, "Ice Cream" hit the ground running yesterday. I think you'll agree it's worth a view or two. Or seven. I can't stop watching it. The video features such an abundance of very fine male flesh in and out of underwear that it's mesmerizing. I think there might even be music accompanying it, too. I didn't really notice.

(Guy in the red sweatband: If you're reading this, please give me a call. Your little smirk undoes me.)

I have to confess that Cazwell is one of my favorite musical artists. Despite his bad boy persona when he's performing, he projects a persona of sweetness and self-effacing good humor when he's his normal self. In the first season of Rupaul's Drag Race, when he appeared in the last episode to help the three finals come up with and to record a short rap insert for one of Ru's singles, Cazwell was so helpful and encouraging to the largely musically-talentless and rhythm-free contestants that he came off as some kind of super-patient street kindergarten teacher. Yet when he's on his game, he crafts clever and sexually-charged lyrics for tunes such as these:

"All Over Your Face"

"Do You Wanna Break Up"

And then there's goofy Cazwell, who may be my favorite iteration. "Ice Cream" is the latest of his bubblegum-rap songs, but this next is probably the best:

"I Seen Beyonce at Burger King"

Cazwell, I have a bit of a crush on you.


  1. I was unable to watch the ice cream video without poppers and Astroglide. lol

  2. He's the gayest straight boy since my hot neighbor, the mercenary, in Indiana.

  3. How funny! I posted CAZ today as well as the ice cream truck one was sent to me this am by a buddy! Great fun isnt it? Met Caz a few years ago in Hawaii--nice guy!

  4. God. I'm really in the mood for a Creamsicle right now. I've been very, very good... can we go now?

  5. Teacher,

    Best kind of video there is, right?

  6. Fella,

    I'm pretty sure there's nothing straight about Cazwell.

  7. RAD,

    I saw you'd posted the video too. Great minds think alike, right? Or at least lust alike?

  8. GH Fan,

    Yeah. Oh, wait, we don't have to go anywhere. I've got a big one to lick. Right here in my pants.

  9. I'm ALWAYS in the mood for ice cream!

  10. You can have "Red Sweat Pant Boy" ... I want the guy in the light blue briefs who gives us a spectacular look at his rockin' ass. Thank God this vid has enough dudes to go around!!

  11. Ranter,

    I know, right? It's like Lay's Potato Chips. You can't have just one.