Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning Questions: Memories of B. Dalton's Edition

I've had a lot of letters from reader/bloggers this week asking me if I still like them. I do!

To reiterate to those of my readers with blogs I follow: I am still following you. I still read your blogs every day. If you hit the link to look at my profile, you will see the list of blogs I follow, and yours is still on it. I swear to god!

For some reason, though, Google screwed up my account last weekend so that I disappeared from everyone's follow lists, and it won't allow me to drop and rejoin your accounts. I'm going to email them this week and ask for some assistance, but rest assured. I am still following everyone I followed before the incident.

As is my Sunday morning custom, I'll be answering some questions asked of me at . Breeder's Readers often ask thoughtful questions that I'm glad to address. If you have one, feel free to follow the link and ask—you can even do it anonymously. There's always email, as well. I have it. Please use it.

When you jerk off alone, do you usually eat your ejaculate?
About 75% of the time.

Do you ever wish you had less of a sexual appetite?
There have been periods of my life, particularly during the summers when my hormones tend to rage high, that I wished with longing for the graceful ease of desire that comes with age.

It hasn't happened yet. And when I did go through a three-month period of no desire a while back (an experience unique to my lifetime), I hated it. I was crabby and felt as if I was missing out on life itself.

I'm happy as I am, pretty basically. I don't wish for change.

Are you a shooter or a dribbler? Do you cum very much or all at once, then not much at all? Are you a huge precumer or no?
I'm kind of a spurter. I produce a lot of fluid in three or four major pushes, but I'm not a distance shooter.

I produce so much precum that a lot of people have been turned off by it, sometime. Obviously they're not the kind of people I want to hang with.

Where is the most unusual place you have masturbated?
I would go with the travel section of a mainstream B. Dalton's in the middle of a busy mall at lunchtime, with a total stranger.

the travel section of mainstream B. Dalton's at lunchtime... was his penis pretty?
His penis was the second-biggest I have ever seen, clocking in at 11 inches.

B. Dalton begs the question, who was the largest other than yourself?
I once met a older white man in a university john who had about 13 inches, as thick as a forearm. It was impossible to do anything with. It was so thick I couldn't suck more than the head, and there was no way it was going in my ass.

In the end I helped him whack it off. He wasn't an attractive man, but he was fucking huge.

Have you ever had anal sex with an Orthodox Jew?
No, but I swapped blowjobs with one.

Should we establish a sexual merit badge system?
I have a natural suspicion of authority, particularly in cases in which significance is to be determined; the choices made are always political in motive. I would therefore be loath to allow someone else to decide what sexual acts are and are not of merit.

Unless the deciding body is the two of us. Then it'd be perfectly all right. If everyone did what I say, anyway, the world would be a much better place. (Mostly for me.)

I never cum when I'm with a guy. I get him off then masturbate later. I think I have intimacy issues. Do you mind if a guy doesn't cum? Would you try to make him?
Last night I was with a guy who told me he had difficulty getting hard in front of someone else, and who said he wouldn't come in front of me, most likely. I told him that was fine.

After I'd bred him twice, he lay in my arms and made out with me and relaxed and got hard. Then he splashed a load so far it hit my face.

I like my partners to enjoy themselves. I don't make them shoot. Often, though, the ones who say they probably won't, do.

I like to keep a shirt on cuz I'm on the chubby side. Do you mind that?
You could wear a football uniform and I wouldn't care, so long as it had a patch ripped out so I could access your hole.

Actually, that might be hot.

I like big guys, though. Why be shy?

Do you ever just want to hang out on twitter without everyone talking to you about sex? Does it get old?
I like flirting and being flirted with. So that's fine.

Actually, one of the things I like about Twitter is that it doesn't require me to hang around. I can dip in and out as I choose. Plus, I've talked about all kinda of topics on there, from sex to baking to computers.

I want to meet you just for a good fuck, but I have a feeling that I'll be different afterwards. I'm always in control but I'd like to give that up for a while. When you're fucking, do you feel as if you're providing a public service?
It feels very much as if I'm providing a personal service, sometimes, when I fuck. A lot of guys tell me they feel they've been well sorted out, once I'm done with them. That's highly flattering to me.

How do I see your videos? Are you on xtube? What is your screen name?
You'll find my videos on Xtube under the name of mrsteed64.

Who or what does your voice sound like?
Although many men have complimented my voice, I can't stand the sound of it, save when I'm singing. My speaking voice is soft-spoken and to my ears, kind of lazy-sounding; part of that might be my southern upbringing.

Got any pointers on how to piss after breeding a guy's hole?
I can only do it after fucking a few times; I stay in until I'm about three-quarters or half hard, concentrate, and let loose. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but I don't worry about it too much.

I recommend arriving with a semi-full bladder, but if mine is too full, I find I can't shoot and yet can't get soft enough in the ass to pee. It's something of a balancing act.


  1. A trip to Ottawa is in order... I jerk off at least 3 times a day since I've discovered you. You have no idea how bad I want to be bred. I hope that if and when we do, I can get you to fuck me for hours so that my ass feels you for days afterwards. I have never been so awed by someone. I now know that my goal in life is to have my ass filled with your cum and piss.

  2. Teacher,

    You flatter me. I'm glad to be inspiring some good jack-off sessions!

  3. I enjoy reading and re-reading you while looking at your pics and imagining my own ass receiving your sperm.

  4. ha, I was just passing by one more time and had to write u a few lines this time. Yes, i follow ur blog in private since a few months ago. Today I had my blog closed by suspicious activity and since i remember reading the same story about yours i thought of sharing it with an understanding bb dude. i freaked out so much that ended up deleting all my posts. do u think it may have anything to do with our activities? cheers man, any help would be great.

  5. Proudbator,

    Adult blogs are permitted on Blogger, so I don't know why they'd pick on us. I suspect the 'suspicious activity' might have been someone trying to crack our passwords.