Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Far-Flung Correspondents: FelchingPisser Does CLAW, Part II

A note from FelchingPisser: Here is the next installment of my time at CLAW. It picks up immediately after I had just gotten off with the Muscle God—and his boyfriend had cleaned my cock—and I stumbled out to my car after five hours of group sex...

Saturday -- 5:00am

I fumble with the key card to the parking structure. I’ve had spotty luck with it at best of times and now I’m beat. I have had way more sex in the last five hours than I likely should. I manage to slide the card down the sensor at the correct speed. The gate raises….and there is Muscle God and his Boyfriend coming out. I wave. I park. I catch up with them in the lobby of the hotel. We ride up the elevator--all with contented smiles on our faces. I can only think about my load in this hot guy’s hot hole. I get off on the third floor--making some comment about them giving me a call if they ever want to see my sling/rimseat set up.

“What room number?”

“314. Good night.”

I stumble into my room. I manage to unzip the chaps. The hotel phone rings. It’s Muscle God….”Were you serious?”


“About coming down to get fucked.”

“In the morning, yes. Well it’s morning now--but I’d be up for it by the afternoon.”

“Great.” He hangs up and I roll into bed, pull the leather blindfold on to block the soon to be rising sun and drift away in happy contentment with the smell of so much ass in my beard.

I sleep five hours or so. Grab breakfast quickly before the Hampton puts the buffet away, a little more sleep and then a shower. Christ, I’m sticky. Fully awake now, I log onto BBRT. Bingo. One of the guys who wanted me back on Wednesday when I was 137 miles away.

We chat and agree to meet at the Vendor’s Mart. I walk over to the main hotel. Once again I tour the various booths. And wait. And wait. I text him. Nothing back. I decide I’m stood up and head home. Smelling all that leather has made me hungry…

I get on BBRT. I recognize a tattooed shoulder---why, it’s Muscle God…two messages back and forth and he’s at my door.

“I’m just gonna tell the Boyfriend that I happened to catch you in.”

Whatever. I want back in this ass. He is soon down to nothing but a bulging jock. We kiss, massage, suck. Before you know it he’s panting on the bed, on all fours and my hard cock is slapping on his hole. I enter. Inch by half inch. He has great control. He can tighten down with each move of mine. It seems like it takes forever to get all the way in, but soon my overgrown pubes are grinding against his muscle ass. I pick up the tempo.

“Pound me.” I start to do just that. “Fuck my hole, man.” I continue to slam it home. His grasping hole could actually take me over the edge in no time. I slow. There is so much more I want to do. I pull slowly out of his hole. He spins around to taste my cock and sighs.

“I want to taste it. Over here.” I take a major hit of poppers and get under the rimseat. He sits. The seat spreads his hole open so that my tongue is instantly deeper than I’ve been in him so far. He’s huffing poppers and becoming quite vocal. My cock has now reached the ‘it’s so hard it’s painful stage’ as I stroke and eat his hole. Tongue plunging, beard grinding, my lips seal around the lips of his hole. My heart rate slows and I have that sweet moment that feels like I might suffocate. I hold it for a long moment--than tap both his thighs to tell him to get up.

He jumps in the sling, needing no direction from me. I get up and enter him in one long thrust. He is producing massive amounts of lube which has mixed with my spit. It’s an energetic fuck. The chains start to rattle. And there’s the sweet sound of my hard pelvis smacking into those muscled globes of flesh. He’s exhaling noisily on each thrust into his grasping ass. His cock, though soft, is gushing precum as I hit the spot. I slow. He’s mentioned he wants my hand--but I want to do something first to stretch him open a little more.

I grab my favorite dildo: a big egg shaped head sitting on a thinner ribbed column. It disappears up his ass like it’s a breadstick. My hard cock slaps his balls. Then it starts to push into his ass, sliding along the ribbed column. I can see he’s not sure what’s happening. But as my cock head slips up to the head of the dildo, his eyes tell me he knows. “Fuck.”

“Double fuck,” I correct him. “Two big cock up your ass, man.”

It’s a perfect fit. It tightens him down again so that my large cock is back in a tight hole. I love sliding the underside of my cock along the ribs of the silicone. My piss slit pounds against the egg. It’s an incredible feeling for both of us. He grabs his cock and starts to stroke. I bat his hand away and slow my rhythm. Soon I pull out and once again slap my drooling head against his balls. I remove the dildo. I show it to him. He sighs. I let it drop to the tarp. I walk over to the footstool and kick it into place. I sit. And pick up the two pronged speculum. I cover it in lube and breathe on it to warm it slightly. The cool metal slowly slides into his ass. I begin to crank it open. Ever so slowly.

“Is that…?”

“Yeah, it’s a speculum.”

“Yeah. I’ve never had one in me.” I give it another couple of turns on the key. “Open me wide, Daddy.”

Another twist and another. Soon my finger can slip in. It’s easy to let it snake across his prostate. He’s no longer with me. He’s floating somewhere, lost in sensation. His hole is being stretched side to side and my finger is driving him crazy. I keep cranking. He groans in encouragement. Now it’s a first for me. I have stretched him open far enough with it that I can slip my cock in, speculum in place. It’s a totally new sensation: cool metal to the left and right and his hot flesh above and below me. It’s a slow deliberate in and out. His eyes roll back to me. Our eyes lock.

“You fucker,” he hisses. I give him a crooked smile. And squeeze down, making the head of my cock swell deep in him. I repeat that action as I go back to the slow piston moves, then withdraw my cock. I crank the speculum shut slowly, careful not to pinch his soft, pink lining. I start greasing my hand cautioning him I don’t have the lube I’d prefer. His hole can‘t quite close. One finger, two, four. I keep adding and subtracting fingers, entering and slowly turning. I add the thumb. I work slowly. Carefully. The bridge of my large hand will just not fold quite enough. We both agree not to push it--he wants to be in great shape for the play party tonight. I transfer the lube all over my hand to my cock which is rising again. It wants release. And it wants to spew in his hole. I slide in.

“Cum in me,” he whispers. I start a long, deliberate stroke in and out. “Give me your cum.” I start to increase the speed. “I kept your cum in me all night.” I start to drive it home. “Cum in me, Daddy.”

“Not yet,” I rasp. I slow the driving slightly.

And begin to piss. “Holy shit. Fill me, Daddy. Shit!!”

His chute is now blazing hot. My super sensitive cock head can’t take much more. As soon as I am done pissing, I increase the tempo, pounding his hole, thrust after thrust. “Take it. Take it, boy.” And I shoot. I can feel shot after shot shooting deep into his ass. Joining my piss. Soaking into his gut. I collapse onto him. His huge arms encircle my thin body. He holds me in place. After a few moments I try to get up off of him. His hand goes from my shoulder to the back of my head and steers it to his mouth. We kiss and kiss. Smashed together. Linked. Imperceptibly rocking in the sling.

That night I spend even longer at the play party…but that’s another story to come….


  1. I need to visit such a party too sometime :)

  2. @FP - Awesome! You are an inspiration. Trust me; I'm going to be using an idea or three I got from your stories on my pigs. Also, you can own my hole if it ever strikes your fancy ;-)

    @Philipp - A group scene from 3 on up can offer some of the most intense fun & pleasure possible, when the mix of men works well and the sexual energy flowing gets into a contrapuntal, improvisational groove. Don't know where you are, but it's worth going considerable distance to share in this particular variety of sexual experience if at all possible.

  3. Damn - I'm getting ready for a heavy breeding sessions tomorrow, and haven't let myself cum in four days (I'll be topping, for a change) - reading this has suddenly made it exponentially more difficult to keep my hand off my cock, which is now drooling precum, with only the provocation of FelchingPisser's post...

  4. Philipp--I have to agree with Phillip that it is worth a trip for good group sex. Somthing like a small motel party may be the place to start to see if it works for you. It certainly is for guys who know how to seperate making love and sport fucking. I prefer odd numbers--3-5-7 men--so you aren't just partnering up for the session.

  5. Phillip--it makes me feel warm all over (especially in my balls) that I am an inspiration to you. It sounds like you should invite me to work over your pigs WITH you--and then I'd be happy to fill you up while you are in one of them...

  6. Ingulphus--I love men who are truly versatile. They are the first guys I invite to group events. There are times I wish I could be a little more vers. I like the idea, but I have always hated the reality...the few times I've tried. I will just have to stick to using this big ol' cock...

  7. Thanks, VRPB. If the Breeder wants me to, I'll be writing up the final play party--where my boy of the moment is tagged by me and a TIM performer...

  8. FP - I'm almost always a bottom, and a damn good one, but this man has just started barebacking and wants to be slowly and sweetly seduced into taking my loads - I can't resist that scenario! And he's going to get my first load twice - first up his ass, and then, after I've tounged it out of him, down his throat...

  9. I knew I liked you.....perfect....

  10. Man, this was a totally hot post! I got very hard just reading it. I feel like this might be a hot weekend trip I need to make next year and get me some of that hot ass and cum...


  11. your posts always give me a hard-on. thanks, again :)

  12. Ace--CLAW is a great trip. I love that the main event is more about sex--not a leather contest. You can either do small private things in your hotel or show it off at the large play parties. I was lucky enough to get the best of both.

  13. Thanks, Nick. My pleasure to relive it.

  14. FP! This is the "Phillip @May 16, 2011 10:34am" writing under my more usual identity of RedPhillip.

    Very little would please me more than to share my boys with you. It would be like having a master class. Shit, we could charge admission ;-)

    Maybe a meet-up breed-up in NYC is in order, after our good host is relocated and settled. I expect that I could entice a few of my trainees join in, letting us get all inspired and debauched and all with their tender selves.

    PS: You can load my hole anytime. #justsaying

  15. Man, FelchingPisser always gets more guys pledging their troth to him after his posts than I do!

  16. RedPhillip...Oh, good, it's you. I think a master class (or MASTER class) is in order. I know I'd like it. I just hope your trainees like to get VERY wet...I'm sure I'd have a load for you.

  17. The Breeder---that is SO not true. They pledge their asses not their troth!

    Seriously, you need to look back over some of the old comments--you could fuck for a full year with just the guys who want you from here.

  18. FelchingPisser,

    I'm being facetious. I think it's actually pretty hot how you put my readers in heat with your appearances.

  19. The Breeder--I DO know that...

    I still marvel a little at the power of the web as guys show up in my bbrt mailbox who read about my exploits on here. Often several 1000 miles away, but....

  20. I'm so incredibly hard after reading this. Great write-up, F.P.


  21. MassBear--I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually started to type up the last installment today.