Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Someone's Poem, For Real

“If I were to write a poem about you,” someone said about me not too long ago, “I’d write about the feel of your skin, the smell of you, the way you taste on my tongue. You’d be the best poem I ever wrote.”

The poem that came out of that encounter is certainly the best poem I’ve ever read. Thank you for writing it about our night together, Ace. It’s beautiful. And thank you for letting me share it with my readers.

Someday I’ll Read You This Poem and 
You’ll Fall in Love with Me All Over Again

lying beside you crushed
pushing my way inside
hard press pull me through
envelope me deeper and longer

this is not about sex
two bodies rubbed and raw
lubricated by sweat
this is not about sex
me trying to push the other side
so far in I’m nearly out

your nimble back jumps
my fingers trace your nerves
pattern of swirling war pant
the scars from pulling marking
passage of flames and breath

can’t compare your taste
to chocolate can’t
compare your taste to flowers
there is nothing before worthy
nothing to describe pleasure
not sweet not sour not bitter not salt not umami
your taste of the absence of taste

if I sound obsessed it is because I am
obsessed with the sound of you the
way you play upon my lips
you vibrate inside me you shake
around me a drum slowly beating
crooning “row row row” while you
skip at the cool air I blow over you

this is about love
the way it can grow at a moment
a moment grows to a year or more
this is about love
our love will make pulling apart worse
the pain a testament to our pleasure


  1. And here I was expecting a limerick. ;-) Just kidding. That really is a lovely piece of work.

  2. John,

    You'd think a dirty limerick would be the most appropriate form. There are just so few non-obvious rhymes to 'best top I've had', though.

    It is a lovely piece.

  3. this is so beautifully erotic..wow!

  4. Nick,

    I agree with you on that one. It makes my spine shiver.

  5. I hope someone will write a love poem for me too some day...

  6. Wow, I'd be happy if somebody even gave me a greeting card lol. What a lovely tribute this is.
    This line though, this is my favorite.

    "if I sound obsessed it is because I am
    obsessed with the sound of you the
    way you play upon my lips"

    It's just so honest and open and out there for everyone to see. Wow.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Nicely done, Ace. Thanks for allowing Rob to share your tribute - your language - with the rest of us.

  8. Rob and Ace
    These few beautiful words evoke a sense of quiet passion and deep connection between you that is so rare and wonderful. Thanks for sharing the lines, and revealing the tender feelings behind the poetry.


  9. Thanks guys! I'm not going to lie, I was kinda nervous how well this would be received when I gave Rob permission to put it up here, but now I'm happy he did. I'm glad to share this with you all.


  10. Ace, that is an amazing poem you wrote there.
    Rob my friend, you are the right person to receive that poem, you are kind, nice and worthy of it. You deserve everything that is happening to you. Hoping that you have more of these moments. Have a great day my humble friend.


  11. Philipp,

    I never expected it for myself. It was really, really nice when it happened.

  12. Jonking,

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, too.

  13. Jayson,

    I'm glad it touched you in a good place. Thanks, my friend.

  14. BZ,

    Not only was the poem itself extraordinary, but as you said, it's extraordinarily honest and open. That's a great deal of its beauty.

  15. Yves,

    You sweet man. Thank you.

  16. Ace,

    I was nervous for you.

    Your poem's so personal that although I asked you for permission to post it, I nearly reconsidered the next morning; it seemed almost invasive to share something so tender and emotional.

    But then, exposing my soft white underbelly has done me a lot of good in this forum. I do it several days a week. So I'm glad the response was so positive and glowing. Thank you for being you.

  17. I had hoped to read this poem, if it were written. Thank you for posting it. And much thanks to Ace for writing it! As beautiful as its inspiration.