Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reader Asses: #12

I asked for 'em. You sent 'em.

I still want more. So read up, snap up, and hand 'em over.


My boy Nick snapped these photos for me with his iPhone and then sent them my way, hoping for my approval. He definitely got it. Beautiful as that butt is in its natural, standing state, the last pose is my favorite—back arched, ass in the submissive position, underwear slipping off, and that star tattoo peeking out.

Sigh. It's a good thing my heart's always been strong, because it skips a beat every time I look at that photo.


Chris is 33 and lives in the Big Apple. And I've got to say, my attention didn't waver for a single damned moment to that lovely exposed brick wall when I saw the sweet furriness of that round butt of his. I'm also a fan of the sideburns, Chris. That fur is really working for you.

Two things you can't tell about Chris from these exposures that he wanted to share with me. He's uncut. (We'll have to take that one on faith.) And he's Peruvian. Chris, you can be Peruvian, antediluvian,  or Herbert Hoovian for all I care. I just know you're fine.


I'm guessing from his photos that Brandon has a few gear fetishes—socks, sneakers, and jocks being the ones I spotted. (It's like one of those hidden-objects puzzles!) All fine fetishes to have, too.

It's the ass with which I'm most impressed. It's perfectly framed by the elastic of that black jockstrap. I'd love to dive in there face-first and slick it up for you, Brandon. Any time, trust me.


Am I wrong in thinking that this is the first piercing we've seen in the Reader's Asses series? Certainly the first guiche piercing, anyway. Raul sent in a variety of photos from which I could choose—and in the end I posted most of them, because frankly, I couldn't decide among them all. I love the one of him kneeling on the blue sheets, of course—but you probably could've predicted that, with my fondness for guys assuming the doggie position.

But I also love those pendulous nuts, the greased and spunked-up hole shots, and just generally his whole little Latin package. Damn, Raul. You've got something going on there.

Be sure to give our models today some kudos. They're readers just like you, who've taken the time to send in their shots for everyone to enjoy.

And like I said above, you should do so, too!


  1. sexy asses, thanks to the contributors. Where is yours dear Breeder?

  2. Nick,

    There's definitely a reason the feature's called 'Reader Asses' and not 'The Blogger's Ass.'

  3. Another set of amazing asses! Your readers never disappoint me! I can't choose which one I want first. Nick's tattoo makes me hard as a rock, and Brandon's jock frames his ass perfectly for shoving my face deep in there. Then again, Raul has that piercing and an ass I would love to eat cum out of, and Chris' hair promises to hold a tasty treat between those cheeks. I think what I need is all four of them lined up in front of me so I can just dig in!

    Thanks for the hot pictures you guys! You really got me going today.


  4. A superb post of posteriors indeed! After taking plenty of time (trust me, PLENTY of time) to carefully examine all of these guys, I can honestly say I have a favorite photo - one for each gorgeous man, that is. I find particularly alluring Nick #3 (TOTALLY agree with you, Rob!), Chris #3 (the brick wall definitely does disappear from vision unless forcibly pointed out), Brandon #2 (the position of the hand in this photo makes all my bells ring), and Raul #4 (I can be sure of this by the amount of saliva running down my chin). Thanks, guys - and I'm looking forward to the soon-to-come posting of "The Blogger's Ass"! (What an EXCELLENT idea........) :-)

  5. I totally agree, Breeder. That last pic of Nick's is to die for. I'd totally love to lick up his back and slide my cock into him while nibbling his neck.

    (Granted, I'd like to nibble your neck to. :) )

  6. I love Chris's sweet furry ass, so beautiful.

  7. When's the next readers arses? I'd love to feature!