Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Far-Flung Correspondents: FelchingPisser Does CLAW

You guys remember my personal friend FelchingPisser. He's written a couple of guest columns for me before in which he's described some of his adventures with Chgowaterbuddies and at MAL. He's irresistible to me not only because he's hot as hell in person, but because he's an intelligent and educated pig whose philosophy of fucking corresponds pretty well to my own. As a person, he's a gem. And when he volunteers to write a column for me, I leap at the chance, because I know you guys enjoy him, too.

Today he's written in to recount some of his adventures in Cleveland, where he went for the annual CLAW convention. Be sure to thank him for his contribution (and his general hotness) in the comments, would ya? (And as a personal note to FelchingPisser: I want to know more!)


It had been an awful Thursday morning:

A few hours at work where no one returned phone calls or emails.

Packing the car quickly before it rained.

Realizing seven miles out of town I had not packed my boots.

A U-turn with a litany of profanity.

Stopping by my parent’s assisted living facility to pay for next month--to be told it now had to be mailed to corporate headquarters.

Garbage. I need to escape: CLAW X

I head south to Toledo. Past the Breeder’s favorite rest area (too bad it’s on the wrong side of the highway…). I stop at the glory hole bookstore in Toledo to buy lube---and to find the arcade is closed for cleaning….Jeez--Come ON!!

I arrive in Cleveland with ease. Find the Hampton Inn with ease. My mood is brightening. I’d asked for a single king-size bed--so I’d have room for the sling. And that’s what they give me. Set up is a breeze. Move around an easy chair and the sling sits in one corner with the rim seat next to it. Have a sling and hungry bottoms will beat a path to your door…

Quick dinner and online. It’s set up day for CLAW and the leather crowd is busy, so I’m guessing I will play with a local who appreciates the leather boys coming to town. Instantly I get a hit. My earlier mood has evaporated. In three emails each we connect, approve and meet. YES! The way it’s supposed to work. He’s at my door in no time. A furry blue collar man with a nice build, great chest hair pattern and who swears he can be fucked for hours. He strips. I am in a jock and boots with my leather wrist band. The leather is in the drawer and that’s just fine with both of us. He drops to his knees and proceeds to make the jock incredibly wet before he takes my cock out. He gags as I reach my full hardness in his throat. I toss him on the bed, on all fours and dive into his furry ass. I lick his hole deep. I spread the cheeks and go deeper still--he is panting and babbling. I rear up and slowly slip my cock home.


I don’t move for a moment. “Is that the cock you wanted so much?”

“Fuck, yeah”

I slowly begin to move.

His breathing is rapid--then he starts talking absolute filth. “Fill me with your cock. Your fucking huge dick. Fuck, yeah. Fuck me with that dripping pole. Yeah, make me feel it. Fuck. Yeah, Fuck. I want your cock snot deep in me. Fuck…”

I reach down and hold the back of his head, pushing his face into the covers of the bed. It doesn’t stop him reciting his mantra--it just makes it unintelligible.

We continue on the bed for awhile. Then I pull him up and get him into the sling. His ass is spread wide and he can’t keep his index finger out of this ass. I kneel and begin licking around the outside edge. As he pulls his finger out, I lick it off and dive for the hole. His sizable cock is erect. I come up for air and suck just the head into my mouth. I press my fingers against his balls to milk it into my mouth. He gasps as his cock spits a large amount of precum onto my tongue. I don’t swallow. No, I stuff it up his ass with my tongue.

“Oh, fuck. You put my cum in my hole.”

I repeat the process. My own cock is leaking. I smear that against his puffy hole, then push it in deep with my tongue. Finally, my cock enters him again. The chains rattle in time to my thrusts and to his voice. He’s back to babble as we are both lost in sensation. I seem to fuck forever--I know the porn on the computer is over. I pull out, make him clean my cock, then I clean his dripping dick and put it all up his ass.

“Get up. I want to eat that precum out of your hole.”

I lie under the rim seat. He sits gingerly on it. “I’ve never done this.” The seat spreads his hole and my tongue goes deep the first moment.

“Shit!” The strands of precum are dripping from his ass into my mouth. I feel like I’ve never been deeper in anyone’s hole. He’s jerking now, too. My tongue swirls, laps, eats every last incredible drop. Finally, my jaw gives out. I tap his thighs--to get him up. It’s back to the sling. I drive home. I know I’m close. So does he. “Give it to me. Give it to this cock whore.” I shoot. Deep. Long. Big. A good five days worth of cum. My knees buckle and I’m lying on him.

“Please. Eat my hole.” I slowly pull out and begin felching my mega load out of him. “Fuck, yeah. Eat that cum!” In a few swift strokes he spews, almost to his chin. I start to go for his load, but he pushes me away and is up, out of the sling--wiping himself down with the sling towel--and out the door with barely a word spoken-- except for a soft, barely audible “Thanks--that was hot.”


I start the day by having the Hampton’s breakfast buffet with other leathermen--and a gaggle of teenagers on a field trip-- all watching the Royal Wedding instant replay. Back in my room, I read the Open Forum Friday on Cocksuckers over one more cup of coffee. By one o’clock it’s off to registration at the main hotel--easier this year, then the endless lines of other years. I go down to the Vendor’s Mart, and say hello to my buds at The Leather Man. Everywhere I turn, I swear there is a man I played with from previous years: The piss drinker, The guy I fucked on the motorcycle, The glory hole booth guy I fucked as he was sucking cock, The boy who found me every time he took a load so I could felch it. My dance card could be filled just with these re-dos. I wander the various displays of goods, but feel no need to reach for my wallet. I walk home--I’m ready to play.

Almost immediately I am hit up on Man-Hunt by a guy who wants to suck my cock. I type back that I’m looking for more. He says I can fuck him, but he’s not sure he can take my size. I respond with saying that still sounds problematic. He asks if he can recommend a bottom for both of us to use. Now he’s talking--I check this new guy’s pics--Yes! 15 minutes later, the would-be sucker knocks on my door. He’s far better looking than his pics, (early 40’s, hairy, defined but not worked out) and sports a large wedding ring. We strip and don’t wait for the third. He is hungry. He is on his knees and slurping on my thickening cock. I pull him up, get him on the bed, with his head hanging over the edge to fuck his face. He moans as my cock slaps his nose and cheek. I insert slowly. Adding half an inch at a time. He’s panting. And jerking like mad. I hope he lasts until the bottom arrives. Just as I have a good fuck rhythm started, there is a knock on the door…

I open the door on an attractive guy, about the same age, but of slightly smaller build. Rick, he tells me. I greet him and return to Married Guy on the bed. He hangs his head right back over, telling me to fuck his face. I start, as the bottom strips. He jumps on the bed with us, gets between MG’s legs and starts sucking. He sits on MG’s cock as soon as it’s slightly wet and gets massive points from me for finding my mouth with his own--while there is still some precum in it. I pull out of MG’s mouth and go around to see the fucking. His cock is thicker than I’d thought--and looks terrific in the bottom’s ass. I lean forward and lick the disappearing shaft. Excellent. I stand on the bed, straddling MG. I kiss Rick to see if he’s ok with the Ass To Mouth moment. His answer is to groan, and stick his tongue deeper into mine. We kiss--lost in the exchange of juices. I straighten up and put my cock into Rick’s mouth as he continues to ride. Wow, no bad blow jobs here.

Soon I am lying on the bed. I have Rick bouncing on my cock and MG sitting on my face. He almost suffocates me. But I kinda like that. After a few minutes, I suggest it would be easier with the rimseat. I get under. But Rick sits on the seat to let me taste what the two cocks have done to his hole. MG is standing up so Rick can suck him as I eat Rick‘s ass. The smell of poppers in the room is almost overpowering. After what seems like a long time the guys switch. I’m still in place, but now I’m rimming MG’s ass as Rick slowly inserts my cock in his incredibly wet hole. I have to use every ounce of will not to shoot. I get past it and let him control the fuck. I have no choice, really. I’m fucking pinned to the floor by two men in heat.

“Fuck me in the sling,” Rick whispers. Both stand and Rick helps me up. I let MG slide into him first. He fucks but looks like he could blow any minute. He pulls out and tells me he wants to watch me fuck. I enter the bottom again. But the new position of Rick on his back feels totally different. “Oh, God…you go so deep,” he hisses. “Fuck!” I start to slam into him. Hard.

After several minutes, MG says if he’s gonna try my cock it has to be now. Rick gets out of the sling, MG gets in. I rim for another moment…hoping he can take me. I meet with a clenched hole. I tongue him some more as Rick bites his nipple. That opens him right up. I stand and insert. MG is panting. I wonder if he’s going to hyperventilate. He is still tight. I start to fuck. Slowly. His eyes roll into the back of his head. Rick continues on his nipples. I increase the pace. We both sense he‘s going to blow fast. Rick dives for his cock, pulling away his hand. He’s just in time. He gets a mouthful of cum as MG groans. I slow the fuck and ease out of his married hole. Rick comes around the sling frame and kisses me, snowballing the load. I make a noise deep in my throat and bend him over, on top of MG. I spread his well fucked ass cheeks and reverse felch the load now in my mouth into Rick’s hot, wet hole. It’s his turn to groan. MG holds on to him as I slip my dripping cock into Rick--pushing the load deep. Where he’d really wanted it. Where he’d had it many other times….

I fuck for a bit, but MG needs to take off. I reposition Rick on the bed, doggie style, as MG dresses, excuses himself and leaves. I dip down and taste his hole again. Fabulous. It’s so good I scramble up on the bed to share the taste still on my tongue with Rick. I lose all track of time, I have no idea how long we fuck--never leaving the bed again. Finally, with his legs on my shoulders, his eyes locked with mine, I grunt, grind and thrust a load deep into his guts. I collapse on him--Rick pulling me tighter. I leave my meat in place to marinate. Our breathing stills, becomes one--and he’s asleep in my arms. I am close to sleep myself. Maybe I nod off. Long minutes later, I pull away just enough to look at him still sleeping, his breathing on the edge of a snore. It’s a mini triumph for me--the first man I’ve allowed to sleep in my arms since I became a widower…

Friday Night

Rick has gone. I’ve slept and eaten a late supper. It’s 10 o’clock and I need to dress for the Recon/reFlex play party. This is what makes CLAW different than other leather events--it’s not just hotel sex, there is a playspace. Over the years they have had various dungeon spaces, but for the last few, the Flex bathhouse has given them the upper floor of a warehouse that is not part of the regular bathhouse. There are slings, gloryholes, crosses, a bondage table, a tire swing, a fuck bench, a motorcycle to bend your boy over, and a barnyard feeding trough for piss play. It is modeled on the Fort Troff Maneuvers spaces.

I open the closet door. The smell of leather fills the room. I am showered and naked. I add the metal, slightly rusty cockring. Yellow jock. Thick wool socks. Combat boots. Chaps. Harness. Left black leather wrist band. Right black and yellow wrist band. I look at myself in the mirror. Yeah. I slip into the flight suit to cover it all so I can walk through the lobby.

The doors open at 11. I check in at 11:30. I like to watch the troops gather. First stop the piss trough. Still empty, but I christen it with a long flow. One of the guys watching me is the man I fucked across the motorcycle last year after he’d spent hours on the bondage table. He’s hot, my age, looks like the mechanic we all wish was under our car. He stops me from putting my cock away. He kneels and begins to give excellent head. It’s like an alarm sounds--or our images are flashed on a huge screen--for we go from being almost alone to suddenly ringed with guys watching us. Neither of us care. My cock is now hard. He leaves it and starts sucking my balls. A hand snakes out of the crowd and wrenches my cock as if it were just a hunk of salami. I remove the offending hand and put it back in the cocksuckers mouth. Hands are on my nipples, my ass cheeks, on the back of the boy’s head. A short Hispanic boy, with an tool nearly as big as mine, is the one forcing him down on me. We get him up. I pull the boy’s pants down, bend him toward the Hispanic’s cock and kneel to lick his hole. I don’t spend long. I get it wet, stand, slap my cock on his hole. He grunts around the dick lodged in his throat. The crowd is jacking. I insert, driving him all the way down on the cock in his mouth. I fuck. I turn him around. He hungrily cleans my cock as the Hispanic slips up him. Eventually we take him to a sling and continue tagging his ass.

No one is looking to cum. We have hours to pace ourselves and sample all sorts of men. The crowd is building. It’s hard to tell, but I would guess 100 to 125 men are there. I eventually head back to the piss tub. A boy is reclining in it. I wet him down, letting my piss play around his hard cock, up his chest and flirting with his mouth. I let him decide if he wants to drink. Of course he does. He dips and slurps.

The next few hours become a blur of hungry mouths, hungrier holes, and some piss pouring down my gullet. I am in a state of constant arousal. I make my way around the to the fuck bench. A young Asian sub is in it being plowed by a massively muscled black man. It’s absolutely riveting. The crowd is stroking, but no one seems to be allowed to touch the boy. I join the audience watching the fuck from the side. The top’s arm snakes out and pulls me to him. “Fuck my boy bareback. But don’t cum in him.” He doesn’t have to ask me twice. I kneel and taste the sweet, young hole. My cock pushes in. The boy squeals for his daddy. But daddy is busy selecting some lucky hole from the crowd. He brings the chosen bottom over in front of his boy and bends him over. The two bottoms grab onto each other as we plow. We fuck in rhythm so the two boys are mashed toward each other. The site of the four of us leads to any number of other couplings around us. There is fucking everywhere. The black top tells me to let a guy to my right into his boy and I should try the guy he got out of the crowd. We change…my new hole is very wet. Then as suddenly as it erupted, it all stops as the Black top pulls his boy up and away.

I head back to the piss area. Two gorgeous leather clad men in full gear are about to piss. I kneel in front of one. “I’m piss shy,” he says. 
“But I’m not.” His boy friend pushes over to me. His cock rests lightly on my tongue. No sucking now. Just wait. He starts to piss. It’s everything I love about piss drinking. Sweet tasting. And that endless flow. That never ending cumshot. I start to suckle a little on his cock. I hear his boyfriend piss in the tub behind us. Having piss fill me up makes me instantly erect. As he finishes pissing, the man I’m drinking leans over and touches my cock. “Look at this thing.” The piss shy boy makes me stand up. The top fondles my cock along with the boy. “You’d like that up your hole wouldn’t you?” The boy only nods. I look at the feeder. He nods. I bend the pee shy boy over the tub and begin to rim. Great hole. I push in. His partner begins kissing me as I fuck his boyfriend. I think this may be it. I’m closer to cumming now than I’ve been all night. An older man reaches out to touch us. The boys will have none of that, dammit. They stop me and say come back to the hotel. I consider---but say no.

I make the circuit of all the playspaces. But I‘ve been spoiled. Nothing looks good now. Until I get to the fuck bench. A muscle god in leather. Tattooed angel wings on his back. Arms that make me weak-kneed. And he only has eyes for my cock. I get him in the sling next to the fuck bench. I kneel, at worship for those gym built thighs. His ass is all muscle. I use my hands to part those cheeks to let my tongue in. He whimpers. I ‘m sure I can taste some cum. There may be a crowd, but we are lost in what we are doing for each other. I rise, wipe my drooling cock head on his hole. “Oh, yeah!” he moans.

“You want this in you?”

“Fuck man. I need some cum. I’ve only got a couple of loads.”

I kneel and lick my precum off his hole, lean across him and kiss him. Long, wet, passionate. My brain clicks. I know I will load this man. I slowly begin working my cock in as we kiss. He is sucking so hard on my tongue that I can barely get my breath. I start slowly fucking. It builds rapidly. Faster than I meant to. His ass is doing incredible things on the entire length of my cock. We are beyond words. I begin to buck wildly into his ass.

“Breed me. Come on, breed me!”

I thump on his chest. “Yeah. Yeah.”

“Fuck me!”

I begin a low rumble in the back of my throat. “Fuuuckkkkkkk!”

I shoot. A build up of hours and hours of play. I collapse across him. He holds me. I can’t stand. His ass will not let me pull out. Nor do I want to. I kiss him. He responds hungrily. Slowly we return to be aware of others around us. From out of the crowd, a cute young leather man emerges. His boyfriend. I slowly pull out. The boyfriend samples the left over jizz on my cock. I help the muscle god out of the sling. We hug. Tight. They leave. I hold on to the sling and pull myself together. I retrieve my bag and slip into the flight suit. I slowly make my way down the stairs and out to the car. It’s 4:30 am. Five hours of play--not bad. Not bad at all…

Coda: Those are the first two days of my four day trip. I’ll post the rest later if The Breeder, and you folks, would like to know more….


  1. I'd definitely like to read more. :)

    Thanks, FP!

  2. All I can say is Holy Fucking Unf! This story left me sitting in my own pool of sticky cum, breathless and drooling whilst I bring the edge of my bottom lip into my mouth to bite down on. Can hardly wait to read more...

  3. I've been a bad boy. I just made a mess in my pants. Now I need a spanking. It's all your fault. But thanks for this damn hot story.

  4. Hot hot hot! Can't wait for part 2!

  5. More, more, more, please sir. Your escapes and post if damn fucking hot. Thanks for sharing and for Breeder to include your adventures. I, too, am sitting in a puddle of cum.

  6. damn, i would so love to go to a slutty party like hard and can't wait to hear about the rest of it.....


  7. Looks like I've joined the groups of guys out here with wet hands, wet pants, and huge smiles. Thanks for drawing us into Wonderland with you.....feels SO good....

  8. I loved your hot details of non-stop rimmig fucking and sucking ! You are so fucking hot! My biggest fantasy is to get you in a rim chair and just fill your spread ass with my probing tongue and suck those low hanging balls, then finish you off sucking thatthick juicy cock!

  9. If? Write on, O Felching Pisser!

  10. Thanks, guys. I hadn't realized how much I played that weekend until I started really keeping track for this blog. It was a great weekend. And great fun to try to capture how it felt--and tasted. I started working on Part II by this afternoon. I'll just say it starts with a fortuitous meeting in the the parking structure on the way home from the play party. I think it might make you spill some more jizz...

    ...and Philipp--Bend over, boy! Daddy needs to spank!

  11. Man, what a great post! I can't wait for you to give us the rest. I wish so much that I could have gone that weekend, but things just would not have worked out. Too bad, because it sounds like a hot time, and I only live 2.5 hours away from Cleveland.


  12. My boy in the photos just wrote me. He knew I'd been guest poster--but I hadn't told him his ass was on display for all to appreciate. Mr. Breeder, Sir, he said that he was honored to be on your blog. He'd hoped that one day he would be written up by you after you and I had worked him over--but this was a good second choice...