Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Far-Flung Correspondents: FelchingPisser Does CLAW, Part III

This particular series of ribald tales on his adventures in Cleveland from my buddy FelchingPisser has been particularly popular with my readers, I'm pleased to say. (If you've not read the other installments in the series, be sure to click on the 'felchingpisser' tag at the bottom to see a list of all his guest comments.) And it's always a good sign when the author sends it to me and writes, with all characteristic modesty, "It even made me hard reliving it."

It made me hard, too.

Enjoy, guys, and let my buddy know how much you enjoy his guest columns in the comments!

Part III 
I am such a man: having satisfied one appetite up the Muscle God’s ass, I realize I need to feed the other. I’m ravenous. Dinner--still smelling of him. A nap--cradling a pillow with his scent on it. A shower--and I’m a ready for another night at the Recon/reflex party.

Saturday Night

There is nothing like fucking to the rhythm of a flogging. The first thing I notice Saturday night is the beat of the floggers. All the crosses are in use when I arrive, as well as a set of chains suspended from the ceiling. From each a willing sub is restrained, writhing and moaning. It’s 11:30pm...the flogging teams must have been right there as the doors opened…Three crosses--no waiting…

I check the piss area. No one is in the tub. A hunky older man in full leather follows me in, beer bottle in hand. It takes no more than my kneeling next to him to help him decide he’d rather piss down my throat than in an empty tub. And it’s the perfect beer piss--sweet, clear-- and he must have had more than one bottle--it goes on forever. On and on. And it makes my cock grow to huge proportions. He notices me stroking it and pulls me up. It’s his turn to kneel, but he doesn‘t want piss--just to suck my cock. He’s great, no teeth here.

The room is filling faster tonight. More guys does not always equal more sex however. It’s slow to get going. They all keep milling--watching the flogging and a bondage demo on the slatted table. But soon a cute young, olive skinned man feels me up. He all but drags me behind the plastic curtain--begging for my cock in his ass. He clutches the motorcycle and tells me how much he wants to feel me inside him. I eat his tight, fresh hole. Soon my cock head brushes across it. He shivers. I think he’s gonna be tight, but I slip home in one smooth, long glide in.

“Fuck me, Daddy”

And I do. The floggings on the other side of the curtain set my rhythm. My cock hits bottom with each “thwack” of the leather on fleshy backs. The boy can’t keep his hands off his own tiny cock. He cums after only a few strokes from me--showering the back wheel of the cycle. I pull out. He turns and takes my cock in his hands--sizing it up.

“Man, you are bigger than I thought.”

I smile. “Cute young boys can do that to me…”

He pecks me on the cheek and is lost in the crowd. I think I see him later in the evening orally servicing three guys.

And so it goes. I give some head. More often, it’s given to me. Much more piss than Friday night--I cover a boy repeatedly all evening--and I get a number of men to let me drink.

Back at the motorcycle a crowd has formed. The scene is arresting. A California blond (White, muscled, just 30, bubble butt, no leather but a cock ring) is bent over the cycle about to take this porn star Top (Black, gym built, dressed in chaps, jacket, cod piece to one side, police hat.) His cock is very thick and longer than average and is battering at the blond’s ass--but not entering him yet. The blond asks for lube. Always helpful, I kneel and start to rim. The top steps slightly to the side to allow me full access and to occasionally slap his drooling dick against my cheek. The ass is incredible. I want to fuck it myself. But I’m good. I turn and take the black cock deep into my throat--leaving incredible amounts of spit on it--and then position it at the boy’s hole--all the while staying on my knees so he’s about to fuck the boy at my eye level. The top enters. The boy arches his back and stifles some sort of sound in this throat. I feel in the band of my chaps, grab my lube and add some to the slowly disappearing shaft. He’s home. The big black cock is the perfect contrast to the full, white ass. And the top knows a nasty man when he meets one. He fucks a few strokes, pulls out, and shoves it in my mouth. Then back into the waiting hole. And repeat. And again. The taste makes my cock drip even more. I finally stand and slap my cock on the fullness of his ass. The Blond reaches back and feels me.

The other top sees this--and pulls out. “Your turn, man.”

I enter him. I’m definitely longer--but not as thick. His ass is beautifully slimy with my spit, lube and some pre-cum from the stud. I sink in him ever so slowly. The Blond pants, but seems to be able to take me. I don’t consciously hear the floggers, but my body does. I’m back to fucking in time to the rhythmic strokes. And soon they are making me drive it deeper. The other top slaps the blond, hairless ass. It contracts around my cock. The Blond let’s out a howl and arches away from us. He turns and asks me to stop. I pull out--and he apologizes that we both are just too big for him. Another boy whose eyes are bigger than his ass…

A few more rounds of the various stations…not much is happening. I head to the piss area, of course, ready to wait there. The tub is deserted. But there is a crowd behind the back curtain beyond the piss trough. It’s packed--maybe 14 guys jammed into this small space that has a padded shelf and not much else. It’s all about oral, now. I have great head, average head, toothy head, two guys at once on either side….I recognize a hot ass, framed by a blue jockstrap. He’s a boy I did last year in the glory hole area. He works over to me. His mouth is amazing. Slow, languorous, deep and wet. Then he gets up and maneuvers me so that I’m wedged in a corner. He turns and impales himself on my cock. If his mouth was good, then his ass is heaven. His butt is velvety and able to take every inch of me with ease--and still grip my cock. He pounds himself back on me. A younger Black guy, in a red jock watches enviously. Soon the blue strap boy pulls off me and all but pushes the red strap hunk onto my ass. He’s a totally different feel--tighter, wetter and dripping load. They alternate: black, white, red, blue. The contrasting chutes are incredible. I’m sure I’m going to blow. Then just as I might cum, it stops. It’s like a bell went off--the entire group moves away…and I’m left in the corner, on the edge of climax. I lower myself onto the shelf. I am glad for a moment of solitude.

When I step out from behind the curtain, there is a pig in the tub. The Black Top I’d worked with earlier is about to take a piss. He sees me, my yellow jock barely containing my cock. He gives an evil grin and his massive hand reaches out and pushes me to my knees. His cock is not hard. Fuck, he’s going to piss down my throat. In no time I am gulping and gasping for air. It’s a long stream with no breaks. The pig in the tub looks like he’d happily strangle me for taking this huge piss load he was suppose to get. The top is muttering something I can’t make sense of, but it sounds like he’s really getting off on it. Slowly the sweet stream sputters, then stops. I come off his cock for air. He pulls me up, looks deep into my eyes and kisses me. It’s a long passionate kiss--like only two tops can give each other. Our tongues battle, surrendering in turn, swabbing the mouth, the lips, the chin. Fuck---it’s almost better than any of the ass I’ve had. Our cocks are beating against each other. Finally he pulls out of it.

“Come with me.” He grabs my hand and heads towards the hall where we’ve checked coats. Fuck, I don’t want to leave--even with him. But he has a different idea. There is a small private room one door away from the coat check. We go in. He shuts the door on a regulation bathhouse room. He pushes me back down to suck him. I don’t resist. His cock tastes incredible--of his piss, of the ass we fucked and likely some other hole. I lose track of time--licking, swabbing and servicing his thick meat. Eventually he stops me. He looks down. There’s a look in his eye I’m sure I can read. I start to say I don’t get fucked. But he overrides me: “Fuck me.”

I can’t believe my ears. Fuck, YES! I push him onto all fours on the bed. I spend forever with my tongue in that tight hole. He has that metallic taste I love. That, and the honest sweat of so much fucking. He is moaning and sputtering about how he wants my cock, jacking himself fusiously. He is truly making my dick ache as I eat him out. Soon I stand and enter. He is so fucking tight. I push ever so slowly. But I never really stop as he flowers open.

“Drive it home, stud.” I start a slow pull back. My body takes over from my mind. I’m fucking faster. Harder. I swat his ass. Just as he did the Blond. “Shit. Give me your load!” I think this could be it. I am doing long strokes now--almost all the way out and slamming home. “AHHH!” His ass clenches around me as he shoots. I hold him as he continually unloads on the bed. He slumps forward, pulling off of me….and I realize that once again I’m blue balled…I bend and do a quick lick of his ass crack…but he’s over it--so I pull myself together and leave.

I sit on that back bench for awhile. Eventually, this picture perfect cub finds me there. We’ve talked on line about the event tonight. I’d recognize his chest tattoo anywhere. He smiles as he sees me. “FelchingPisser.” I grin and nod. “I love your name. I want you to do both to me.” I start to rise. “Don’t get up.” He hunkers down and my aching cock is nursed. There’s no other word for it. Sweetly. Softly. Worshiped. I can’t stop stroking the hair on his head, and the hair on his chest that partly obscures the tat. Finally he gets off his knees.

“Fuck me.”


“No. I want to show off.”

We find a sling. And we show off. It starts as a sweet fuck. As gentle as he’d sucked my cock. But it soon becomes as energetic as any I’ve done. We have a ring of jackers.

“Boy, do you want another cock?”

“Please, Sir.”

One of the onlookers who I’ve seen in action (my age, bearish, with a long thin cock) I pull over and offer the boy’s hole. I work around to the top of the sling, playing with the boy‘s nipples. The new man fucks the boy hard--so that the boy’s head rocks into my gut with each stroke. The boy only has eyes for me. The top picks up speed. I can sense he’s gonna cum. Finally a load to felch. The top grunts, bucks and holds still. Then pulls out---with a rubber full of his spunk. I hadn’t even seen him suit up. He slips it off his cock and looks for a place to toss it.

“Don’t waste it.” It’s the boy speaking up. “Give it to Daddy.” The man hands me the rubber.

“You want what we talked about on line?” I ask.

“Yes, sir. I’m a cum whore. I want any load in me. I haven’t had one all night.”

I’ve moved around to his spread ass. My cock head is resting just inside his hole. I upend the rubber and empty it out on my cock. “I’m gonna fuck it into you.”

“Please.” His voice has dropped to a whisper. “Please, Sir.”

I slowly enter. I’m buried to the hilt--covered in the other guy’s cum. I fuck a few strokes, pull out and taste his hole. Delicious. I slip in again. A few more strokes, then bring my cock up to the boy’s mouth. The man who gave us the load is standing riveted to the floor. He’s obviously never seen his cum used like this. Some man I can’t see kneels to taste the hole I’ve left. I let him felch for a bit, than return to slip my cock into the slippery hole. I fuck, bend, eat. Fuck, pull out, let the felcher clean my cock. Finally we stop only ‘cuz the boy’s legs need to rest. I get him down. We hug. I tell him to find me any time he gets a load. He happily goes off on his quest.

I lean against the cinderblock wall and take a long swig from my water. As I bring the bottle down, who should be standing there but the Muscle God. We hug. Then he reaches behind him and pulls his boyfriend around. Muscle God’s lips are near my ear. “I told him about the fuck you gave me this afternoon. I want him to feel that incredible cock, too.”

The boyfriend is into the sling before we are out of the hug. I eat his ass. I fuck him. I wish I could say it was something special after that set up, but it isn’t. Nothing bad. But nothing special. Just another cute guy who actually finds me a little too big. After a few minutes, Muscle God takes over at his boyfriend’s hole. And I slip away…

I rest. Suddenly the Cub is back. “Mission accomplished?” I ask.

He shakes his head. “Three dicks, no loads.”

I lead him to the sling we’d been in before. “I need to drop one and get out of here.”

He hops in the sling. I immediately drop to taste what the other cocks have done to his hole. Beautiful. His ass has an entirely new feel under my tongue. I stand to fuck. And pound fast and hard. I’m back in rhythm to the floggings. A hot tattooed Hispanic man watches and strokes—playing with his foreskin. Oh, yeah--he has a great cock--and he should, working for Treasure Island. I invite him into my boy. He fucks him hard with his uncut cock. He too, feels the pulse of the room. I spell him, matching him in tempo and speed. He takes over from me again. I hope he blows. No such luck. He pulls out and wags his cock at me.

I kneel and slurp-- his precum, the remnants of the load, my boy’s hot ass lube and sweat--a mix of flavors that takes me out of the scene--so that I’m all about cleaning every drop off this photogenic cock. Eventually he pulls out of my mouth. He slaps the boy’s ass--and is gone. I slowly get up. I slip my drooling cock in and fuck--willing myself to cum. I bend, tasting it all again. “Fuck!” I’m spurting as I re-enter. I shoot at least three big spurts and countless smaller ones.

He grunts as he feels me fill his grasping chute.

We kiss. “Do it,” he hisses. I sink to my knees and bury my face in his ass. My cum is sweet, thick and ropy. I get a mouthful, stand and bend to kiss him. Inches above his face, he opens his mouth and I drool my load into him. We kiss: lingering, wet and sloppy. He pulls me tightly to him. My beard is full of all his ass juices. He licks and sucks at it. I taste it all again on his tongue. His mouth finds my ear. It’s barely a whisper. “Thank you…” I answer only with a kiss.
Time elapsed: 5 and a half hours.

On Sunday there was one more fuck in my room, in my own sling. A nice guy. A nice fuck. A copious self luber—to the point I “accused” him of arriving loaded. But no….It was fun, but I should have gone home after Saturday night.

And that was my time at CLAW X.


  1. FelchingPisser, you are so hot, it is too bad your time that night wasn't as good as it could have been. Glad you got some piss in you at least, even if there wasn't a lot of unloading going on.

    Honestly, one of my biggest regrets in leaving the Midwest was never hooking up with you. Would have loved to team fuck a bottom with you. And honestly (if there was no bottom to be had) I wouldn't mind flipping for you either. I did it for the Breeder, after all.

    Keep up the sexy advedtures, man!


  2. Can I admit, I was one of those who was getting flogged that night. It was one of the most erotic and intense things I ever experienced in my life. Glad you enjoyed CLAW as much as I did!

    Erie Bear.

  3. Love the way you write about this. I just laid back, slid my meat into the warm center of my hand, and stroked steadily as I savored every word. Thanks for transporting me to this time and place with you!

  4. Bravo, FP! Brilliant series, and cements forever my hope to play with you some day.

  5. Ace--thanks. It started slow that night--but ended up just fine...I'm sorry you couldn't make it up to CLAW, too. I had room in my bed-----however you want to interpret that. There is little I love more than sharing hole with another top. Work can take me anywhere in the country--so who knows if we'll meet some day.

    And congrats on your blog...I am a reader--though I haven't "marked" it with a comment yet..

  6. Erie Bear--I loved watching you guys submit that night. And the sound really did impact how I drilled my boys. It WAS a great time....

  7. jonking--my pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to tell me...

  8. RedPhillip--Thanks, man. I would totally be up to share some boys (yours or mine or brand new) if we can meet up. I go to Ontario every September--maybe I should come home the long way?????

  9. FP, it certainly would be a long way home, but consider that our gracious host Mr Steed will be nearby, the lovely and amazing Ace within shouting distance, and many other friends and playmates just down the river in NYC.

  10. FP,

    I would gladly have filled that space in your bed, regardless of interpretation. Sadly space and money were not the reasons I didn't go, time was. I had a huge project for school and it just landed at a bad time. If work ever takes you to Boston area, look me up.

    And I look forward to someday seeing you comment on my blog.


  11. RedPhillip--I HAVE driven from the Niagara area (where I go to see theatre) to NYC who knows...I just might.

  12. Ace--It WAS terrible timing for guys in school. I knew that...but when I wrote that same thing back on the forum post about blowjobs...I was just fulfilling my purpose of being a Tempter.

  13. i resent that kissing "passionately like only two tops can" remark.