Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reader Asses: #5

I am up to my elbows in ass.

Okay, sometimes I mean that literally. Tonight, however, I'm talking metaphorically. Thanks to my original call for photographs of your backsides, I've received so many of my readers' asses in my mailbox that it's almost overflowing with juicy, round, full, rimmable, fuckable ass.

By all means, don't stop sending in those photos. I'll keep posting them as long as long as I keep receiving them!

Let's see what we've got to display, this week. Be sure to thank this week's participants in the comments!


There's something about the basic, all-American jeans drop, isn't there? It's reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album cover, crossed with the back half of Michelangelo's David. And Boiboi21 here has the perfect specimen, don't we agree?


August members of this week's ass safari, I must ask you to lower your voices as we round this next corner. We have a rare sighting of a top man bending over and showing what lies between his cheeks. Shush, for the slightest noise may send him scampering back into the forests from whence he came.

Aw, who'm I kidding? I see tops showing off their asses in photos all the time. Of course, by the time they send me those photos, they're usually not looking to be tops any more. Playpigtop, thanks for sharing your hole with us all!


In days of yore, knights of olde would . . . hrm, no.

Get a load of HIS round table . . . no, let's not do that one.

How'd you like to plunge your sword between them sto . . . eh.

Just stare at SirLancealot's beautiful ass so I can skip the cheesy Arthurian puns, would ya?


Ian is 29 and hails from Northern Ireland. He was very specific about the fact that as an unschooled American, I am misspelling the very British arse as ass.

It sounds much dirtier as arse, doesn't it?

However it's spelt, Ian sports a nice one. I love that ridge of fur running down its length. Thanks for the arse, Ian!

Sleazy Jake

I know, with a name like 'Sleazy Jake,' how can the ass be anything other than spectacular? Jake lives up to all expectation, too. He wanted me to share with the world how sleazy he is, and how much he craves sperm deep in his guts.

Um, I'm packing my cock rings and my bag, Jake. See you in a few hours.

If you'd like to see more of Jake's photos, they're available online. I know I've spent many a pleasant moment looking at them already.

Thanks to all this week's participants!


  1. Ah, would that each arse be available to me to bury my fuzzy cheeks and tongue into their pink little rosebuds. My tongue is awaiting. Thanks for sharing guys. Always a pleasure and thrill to view. Thanks also to Rob for offering his blog for these important postings. Hey, will FletcherPisser offer a pic or did I miss it. I'm moving to Chicago come/cum late June as I wouldn't mind spending some time between his cheeks. (aka SammyBear)

  2. They are great asses (or even arses), SammyBear!

    FelchingPisser had photos with both of his posts. I also included a link to his BBRT profile so people could look at more.

  3. I wouldn't mind getting sleazy with Joe's hole, either, Rob! OINK!


  4. I wouldn't mind getting sleazy with Joe's hole, either, Rob! OINK!


  5. Dammit! I thought I caught it before it posted...I want JAKE's sleazy hole. Damn phones.


  6. VersBarecub,

    Yikes, you got a little trigger-happy with the Post Comment button, there!

  7. Sir lancewood and sleazy Jake... Nice!!!

  8. Sirlancealot, Sleazy Jake, and Bo1boi21= asses designed to have tongues buried in them! I'm kinda hungry and very excited!

  9. Chris and Blackwatch,

    I think they're all worthy of rimming and mounting. That's what a butt's for, right?

  10. There you go again, making my Netherlands tingle and grow...damn you're a stud.

  11. All great asses, but can you send boiboi and lancelot to my plays. Kthxbai!

  12. Writer,

    I'll see what I can do. :)

  13. FairSkies,

    I'm honestly posting them in the order I received them! If you sent one in, it'll get posted!