Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Daylight Savings Edition

When I was a kid and Daylight Savings Time was only a small portion of the year—not the majority of it—I always enjoyed the night we'd set forward the clocks. Sure, it meant that the next day I'd arrive at church half-asleep, and that I'd spend roughly a week waking up for school in the dark and feeling like something one of our multiple cats had dragged in, but more importantly, it meant that I could stay outdoors in the sunlight an extra hour.

And I loved the sweet, hot Virginia evenings in the summers, when the cicadas would provide a steady huzz, and the dry leaves on the trees would rustle in the breezes beneath a blue-purple sky. And when I could stay out late, ankled pinned to my ears, as guy after guy would pop his load into me where I lay on the local park picnic table.

Sigh. Good times.

Sadly, last night I was so out of that I didn't realize the time change was today until someone mentioned it, in the bar where I was socializing with friends. I can be so out of touch. I foresee a future for myself in which I am that one crabby old man on the street who hasn't heard a damned thing about the zombie apocalypse that has reduced civilization to rubble, and is standing on his front porch wondering why no one has delivered his paper in two weeks.

I'm going to continue our Sunday tradition of rounding up questions I've answered on, the service where my readers and friends ask anonymous (or not-so-anonymous) questions for me to answer. I always welcome thoughtful questions, and answer them in depth when they intrigue me—so knock yourselves out, guys.

Ever had your dick rated, e.g. on sites like If so, what was the outcome...? If not, would you...? the Dr.
A very long time ago I took a dick photo specifically for one of those rating sites, just for the amusement factor. Within two days I had people I knew emailing me to ask, "Hey, are you in Seattle?" or "Hey, are you in Dallas?" because guys had taken my the photo I'd posted on that one site and used it in their personal ads on Craigslist or whatever was popular at the time. Then I had to spend a lot of effort trying to get some other guys to stop claiming it was them, on

I've had people steal my photos from other sites and use it as their own, but none were as rampant or blatant as that one site. Since then I've not ever felt the need to try it somewhere else.

I'm fairly happy with how my dick looks; I know a lot of other guys like it as well. I'd rather be happy knowing that, than letting myself get down by a few haters who enjoy down-ranking photos.

Have you ever had a desire to play with a family member?
I've never really kep secret that my first sexual relationship was with a family member. Obviously the desire was there fairly early on.

If I went poking around in your pantry, would I find anything that you would be embarassed to have me tweet to our friends that you have? Do you dare admit your secret and tell me what it is? please do, I'm dying to know!!!
I don't have anything really embarrassing in my pantry. People are often mystified at why I have so many packages of bonito flakes in my cupboard, though. It's because the cats like them.

Have you ever had sex with a little person?
No, though I've wanted to with a few.

I am a new reader and really enjoy you. A comment was made about your cock size at age 14. What size is it now?
Hey, thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I'm around eight inches long by about five and a half around. Larger than most, but not monster-proportioned. Just right, in fact.

Oh hey man Your blog gets me off. My question is whether you would consider yourself to be living a "double life". I don't need details but I would appreciate whatever you have to say on the subject as somebody who is compartmentalizing at the moment.
Actually, I consider myself to lead a very integrated life for the most part. My sexuality informs who I am; who I am shapes my sexuality.

Where things get compartmentalized for me is in my blog. Although I keep a personal journal that chronicles a lot of different aspects of my life—my career, my home life, my sex life, and the inane things that pass through my head—what hits the blog is primarily the sex entries alone. It gives the blog a focus, but also leaves people with the impression that there's little to me beyond the sex I have.

I assure you, that's far from the case.

Just saw that you're in Michigan :/
Yes, I make that same emoticon when I think about living here, too.

commando, jockstraps, thongs, bikinis, tangas, briefs, trunks, boxer-briefs, boxers, or long-johns?
Of those, I tend to choose trunks and commando.

Nair, Nads, pluck, razor shave, electric clipper, scissor & comb trim, machete, or jungle boogie bushman?
Are we talking about pubes here? Because plucking sounds painful. I use an electric clipper to keep the bush trimmed low and the nuts smooth.

So, we know you're amazing at telling the stories of your life, but I'm curious if there are any works of fiction authored by or fair blogger? Short stories? Maybe a Novel? TV Pilot?
I'm a creative guy—through writing and other media. I'm very fortunate to have the ability to indulge my creative impulses on a professional level with a moderate degree of success. It's something that very few artists ever get to do.

Do you like to eat breakfast food for dinner?
If it's pancakes!


  1. "Where things get compartmentalized for me is in my blog" exactly...for ME(and it is stated in my Bio on my blog) People need to understand that the 'sex blog' is only one facet of your life...

  2. Itz,

    Yes. It might be an important facet, but it's only one.

  3. Daylight savings time ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, 11/6/11. Mark your calendar *now*! (LOL!)

    I don't think much of DST or Microsoft. But most versions of Windows change your computer clock automatically, and synced iPods change to that clock as needed. Macs are similar.
    You do have to get used to relying on your computer clock. Not everyone does.

    Asking Windows's Date and Time Control Panel and tab to remind me of upcoming changes (see checkbox) helps. Otherwise I forget, as online news media seem to assume that everyone's computer takes care of things perfectly and don't remind us. Just a thought that I hope works for you too.

    If something negative's on your mind, I hope things improve. I really like your blog.

  4. I'm a creative guy—through writing and other media. I'm very fortunate to have the ability to indulge my creative impulses on a professional level with a moderate degree of success.

    I knew it! You're Charlie Sheen. Winning!

    Just kidding, of course. But it would be interesting to have a hint of some of your non-sexual outlets - the art or perhaps other writings. I realize that sort of gives away any sense of anonymity though.

  5. Love your blog - like what you wrote about here, I fantasise about you finding your way to my room where I'm on all 4s with my head down & my ass up in the air (in a jockstrap, or not) with my hole twitching in anticipation for your mouth tongue & dick...

  6. Anonymous,

    I like that computers and phones jump ahead. Apparently my clock-radio does, too (I just bought it earlier this year).

    I've got some mantel clocks and kitchen appliance clocks and wall clocks all over the house that needed to be adjusted, though. Not to mention watches.

  7. JFBreak,

    Nonsense. I have even more WINNING sex than Charlie Sheen, mortal!

    And yes, that would give away pretty much all my anonymity!

  8. FC,

    That's one of my favorite scenarios. Let's do it.