Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Late Breaking Edition

I'm running a little behind this morning, and for that I thoroughly apologize. The reason would be that I got a little behind, this morning. As in, a behind wrapped around my dick. And it was so pleasurable and intense (apparently for him, too, as he's been texting me every fifteen minutes thanking me, since he left) that it lasted a great deal longer than I anticipated.

So. Let's get to it. Formspring. Questions. Round-up. You know the drill.

Based on your description, not only do you hook up with guys, but you cruise in public. I read about you cruising for sex in the woods, but do you still look in public restrooms? If so, do you play there as well?
I do look in public restrooms. I've written about several restroom encounters that have happened over the previous months, and have even written about one restroom encounter that took place with a reader of my blog.

When did you start sleeping naked?
I remember sleeping naked when I was about 10 and found pajamas too confining. I have done so pretty much ever since. In college I tended to wear a T-shirt to bed (but no shorts) because nudity in the dorm rooms wasn't that common, but otherwise I prefer to sleep nude.

How long does it take you to reload?
Usually not very long. Often I don't deflate between fucks. Quite often I can shoot as quickly as five or ten minutes after I first unload.

Do m/any of your meetthebreeder followers know your actual identity? I ask with full respect of your privacy; I'm just curious to know if there's much crossover. Do you see much variance between this circle of compatriots, & others in your daily life?
You make me feel like Clark Kent.

My blog and Twitter followers tend not to overlap with my everyday, local friends. They are two distinct groups. I prefer to keep them that way.

That said, I have met and screwed several people from the first group. I've become genuine friends with several in the first group. Some of my long-term online friends also have discovered my blog and have made the not-so-tough leap to realize my authorship.

Of these people, many know who I actually am. Usually it's led to us being closer friends than before, so that's a good thing.

I don't consider my blog shameful, nor am I ashamed of the acts I detail within. While I prefer a certain amount of distance between those who know about it and those who don't, I never live in fear of ruin and exposure when the two collide.

Thx for your reply to my question re "meethebreeder" cf the rest of your life. These considerations really interest me. I hope you didn't perceive any assumptions around shame or fear in my asking, because that wasn't where I was coming from. Cheers!
No, I didn't get that at all from your question, but I volunteered the information to show you the perspective from which I approach my life.

In one post you said that sometimes you visit friends or family in central VA. If a fan lives in the area would you be up for meeting? (In case, you can't tell, that fan is me.)
I've gone out of my way to meet a couple of fans in the past, on road trips. It would depend on the fan and how I felt about him.

Do you ever wish to be again with the first guy you had sex with?
I get to have that option fairly regularly.

Do you prefer to shoot inside someone or do you ever pull out, cum, then shove the cum inside a man?
I prefer to shoot inside. I don't pull out, even to shove it back in again.

This is one of many reasons I'd be lousy in porn.

I recently received a friend suggestion on facebook from you, aren't you concerned that you have a face pic up under your breeder name?

Are you doing anything remotely close to what you thought you'd be doing when you 'grew up'?
I really had very little concept of what I wanted to do as an adult, when I was younger. At one point I wanted to be an archaeologist. At another, I wanted to be a concert pianist. I am neither. I did harbor hopes of being in the profession in which I work now, but seriously doubted I ever could make it happen.

So basically, I guess I proved myself wrong.

Is it truly greater to have loved and lost, than never to have loved before?
Loss is inevitable. Everything we love, changes, or dies.

It's better to honor the loss by loving as hard and as deeply as possible, knowing that the loss will come, than it is to shun life's rich bounty in an effort to stave off the prospect of change.


  1. I prefer to shoot inside. I don't pull out, even to shove it back in again.

    This is one of many reasons I'd be lousy in porn.

    You know how I disagree with you on this point. Without knowing (for sure) your other reservations about you doing porn, I still think you'd be terrific on camera, assuming the right studio & director.

    Your final Formspring answer today: awesome, concise and beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Ah, Mr. RedPhillip,

    You're as kind and generous as I am modest. Thank you.

  3. You are right. Thank you.

  4. 12:57 Anonymous,

    What am I right about? Or is that a blanket statement? Because I do tend to think I'm ALWAYS right.

  5. I was referring to the last comment. And no, this is not a blanket statement.

    Thank you. =)

  6. "I prefer to shoot inside. I don't pull out, even to shove it back in again. This is one of many reasons I'd be lousy in porn."

    Au contraire. I realize that the porn industry is centered on the money shot, but unless it's facials, I could care less.

    The best raw fuck scenes are all internal, and not shallow cream pies either. I'm talking about a wad pounded in so deep, it'll never be found again. I actually get off more on looking at the top's face when he comes.

    I also tend to find myself looking at the bottom's face (when they deign to show it) when he's getting screwed instead of looking at the screwing. There's just something about THAT face, especially during in intense fuck, that sets me off.

    Don't get me wrong, hip grabbing, ass smacking doggie or the outdoor stand-up is great, but both of the above is probably why I'm partial to missionary. It's the face, and like I said, facials too.


  7. Seph,

    I agree with you about the internal cum scenes in porn, but they're not all that plentiful in comparison to the external money shots. It's what the experience is supposed to be, though. The face makes it for me, too. That mixture of pain and need, especially.