Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reader Asses: #8

You know what? I really love Reader Ass Day. Mostly because I get an actual excuse to sit at my computer and look at photographs of naked butts. Why, it's almost like drawing an income for doing what I do best!

I've still got reader asses trickling in, so to speak, and would love to feature yours along with the many other readers who've already participated. To find out how, follow the link and read my original plea for exhibitionists!


First up today, Ken—a fine, round, furry ass posed against an idyllic display of summer foliage. It's almost like a still life, this photograph: the perfect globes reflecting the slanted slats of light shining in from the blinds behind him. The pendulous balls hanging between his thighs. The trees and sunlight beyond.

However, I think if I were in the room with Ken, the last thing I'd want to be doing would be painting him. Unless we're talking about painting his face and butt with my load. That I could manage.


I've got to confess: I love JebN's photos. Jeb is a young lad of 20 from Newcastle, England. (Please. Insert your puns about bringing coals to him, in the comments.) It's such a beautiful, muscular young butt—but what makes it irresistible to me is the second photo, in which he's squeezing his cheek with his hand and hairy forearm.

Or at least, I assume that's his own forearm. I suppose it could be someone else's.

Either way. JebN, I sigh whenever I look at these pictures. They really are just that attractive. I hope the men of Newcastle tell you how desirable you are.


I don't know much about our Mr. J. He wanted to remain anonymous, and didn't tell me anything about himself. I'm guessing, however, that he's fairly young, a bit of an exhibitionist, and a bottom.

All of those things are good for me. So is that ass, J. Thank you for letting me see that beautiful hole!


In contrast to mysterious J., we have HotSwedeNYC, who would like everyone to know that he uses that particular moniker on Adam4Adam, if you'd like to get in touch with him. And shit, why wouldn't you? That ass is fucking beautiful. As always, I appreciate the jock shot, but that last photo, kneeling on the floor, is also a beauty!

Our Swede friend also runs a blog of his own, at . Give him a follow and encourage him to update more often!

Sigh. I need to visit NYC more often.


Finally today we have Jim from upstate New York, showing off his wares with enthusiasm. I love the way he's pulling those great ass cheeks apart with his hands and showing off the prize spot between them.

The guy's got a great pair of nuts there, too. And is that a wedding ring I spy, Jim? You're certainly making someone a lucky mate.

Let's have a big round of applause for all of today's exhibitionists—great asses, one and all!


  1. some very nice ass this go round:) Every time I see these post I think I should send you some pics....just havent been brave enough YET :)

  2. David,

    If you feel you need an impartial opinion, you can always send me dozens of nude photos and allow me to pick the best shots. Or take the best shots. Or something like that.

  3. Yes, that is a wedding ring. I have a wife. I didn't realize I was wearing rings when I took those shots, but they were so good I had to send them anyway. If anyone is ever in upstate NY I'd love to see, feel, or just hear from you. Jim

  4. Jimbo,

    I agree. Those ARE good shots!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I never thought of could be the photographer...we do live close after all....mmmmm even more to think about :)

  6. David,

    See how nicely that works out? Everyone wins!

  7. Jimbo -- you wouldn't have a cousin Steve in SC would you???? Cause I sure would love to rim your hole - always have, always will.

  8. Sorry Damon no cousin Steve in SC, but come to NY and you can have your wish!!!

  9. They are all nice, but Ken! Love the balls. Great shot!