Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: That Goofy Grin Edition

I used to live in a place where, in March, the weather actually seemed spring-like. Not so here. Instead of above-freezing temperatures and crocuses poking their heads up from the ground, I'm staring out at another three inches of snow that fell Saturday night.

Great fun, these northern climes.

I have about a week's worth of sexual activity to catch up on, after this week's reflection on my Blogiversary ballooned into a longer series of essays than I anticipated. Tomorrow, though, we'll be having a guest blogger. And today we'll be doing the usual thing with questions from You know the drill by now. Head over there. Ask me some provocative questions, and see if I have anything interesting to say, would ya?

Do you think money is important?
I tend not to think it's the most important aspect of life. But my bill collectors do.

Don't you ever feel bad that you are carrying on with all these men, potentially receiving various STDs (I'm sure you have HPV by now, it's simply improbable that you don't), while your wife doesn't know? Don't you ever feel bad? Don't be a pussy, answer.
Merely because a site allows anonymity doesn't mean you should abuse the privilege by being a dick and calling someone names, or throwing your prejudices at him.

Your question is laden with judgment and assumptions—assumptions about sexually-transmitted diseases and their transmission, about my health, my relationships, and my state of mind. Not all of your assumptions are correct, or even close.

The pussy here is you, for acting like a bully.

You are, in all honesty, the shit. :)
I know, right?!

(I'm assuming this is a compliment, by the way.)

How old is the oldest virgin you ever had? Like, any 40 (or older) year old virgins?
That's an interesting question. I know that I gave a guy in his early fifties his very first top experience (his first anal experience, period), about a decade ago. I don't think that's what you're asking, though.

I think the oldest bottom virgin I've had was a guy who had a reputation as a pretty hard-hitting top. He was in his late thirties when I fucked him for the first time. He claimed he was a virgin. From the tightness of his hole, I have no reason to doubt him.

I was also the first-time fuck of a guy who was part of a married couple I was seeing. He was 35 his first time.

Man, I love your smile. Can you post more pictures of your adorable grin just for me?
Have you seen this one? Or how about this?

Do you have problems taking compliments?
I do indeed. Does it show? Usually I attempt to thank people nicely without attempting to make the compliment-giver feel badly for having said anything.

"Gaydar"... Is it a myth?
On the contrary, I think some people are very, very good at reading the signals that indicate a man's interest in other men.

Instead of things like effeminate characteristics, however, gaydar is a matter of reading the guy's body language, the places his eyes travels, the way he responds to the presence of others. It's a subtle art.

How old were you when you realized your cock was turning out a lot bigger than average?
I was about seven and a half inches when I was 14. That would be when I glanced down between my legs while sucking dick in a marathon session at the park and realized that I was already longer than most of the grown men I was blowing, and bigger than anyone in my family as well.

At that age my dick was still a lot thinner, though. I didn't get to about my full size until I was sixteen.

I'm good at massages... can I give you an all-over with my tongue?
Man, I wish you would. I love and crave that kind of treatment, and get it so damned rarely.

What do you construe as cheating?
Every relationship has its own rules.

In relationships in which the partners have agreed to remain monogamous, cheating might consist of any sexual advances or contact with any other people. In a relationship in which the couple has agreed to play with other individuals together, but not on their own, cheating may consist of seeing someone without the partner's consent. In a relationship in which anything goes, but the partners agree to tell each other everything, cheating may consist of withholding details of an encounter.

Cheating's definition varies from couple to couple, and depends on what the couple has defined as its limits and boundaries. I don't hold to an absolute definition of the word that applies to everyone in every situation.


  1. Rob -- thanks for the pics. Your cum-covered chin is absolutely priceless and awesome. Bad aim or not -- I hope the cummer cleaned it off of you! More please, Sir.

  2. I love the disease questions. What some people don't understand or perceive is that sex bloggers get those question all the time.

    Usually they've been addressed, if not answered in one way or another. Usually in some form or another on the blog. Do some people who ask even first READ the entire blog of a person whom they then get annoyed with for not answering their question/s?
    Oftentimes, answers are built into the tone or slant blog itself. I think of guys who have BAREBACK SEX BLOGS who are then asked what they think of barebacking. lol

    And there is the fact that some guys ask a question (any question on any topic) until they read or receive exactly the answer they wish to read or hear.

    I have found guys want to just hear that everything is great and safe and fine. Or they want to hear a resounding declaration of another sort.

    I don't know what asking a sex blogger online is suppose to do or mean otherwise, really. Such a person who asks does what he will do anyway in the end (won't he?).

    But also, there is this attitude that these questions only should be the onus of sex bloggers to answer.

    ASK THE PEOPLE HAVING SEX WHERE and WITH WHOM YOU HAVE SEX, (is rather my attitude). MOST won't even have a blog of any sort. But THEY would be the persons to ASK.

    What difference does it make what a sex blogger might do or not do when the person in real life about to blow the ASKER of such questions isn't asked?

    I don't think the questions are bad. I simply come from the p.o.v. that, really, they're asking them of the wrong people.


  3. Sam,

    I think I cleaned off that load. Tasty, too.

  4. Mr. GHJ,


    Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. It amazes me that dozens of people who have no intention of bedding me will ask me that question, while none of the men who actually take my dick ever do.

    The people sitting behind their computers and accusing me of being a disease-riddled untouchable, however, aren't so much concerned with the state of my health as they are in condemning me and/or proving that anyone who has an active sex life—that is, actually has sex on a regularly basis with real people, instead of antiseptically sitting at home reading about it or whacking off to photos —is a walking petrie dish.

    In the end, though, you're right. My status shouldn't matter. They should be asking these questions of their own sex partners, if they have any. But I bet they often don't.

  5. Oh. So you're Rob Petrie? Cool!

    (Sorry. Couldn't help myself. A little humor. Very little.)

  6. Throb,

    *rim shot*


    (Okay, it wasn't that bad.)

  7. This is a great blog. Literate, thoughtful, by turns hot. Great combination! Glad I stumbled into it.

  8. 10:19 Anonymous:

    Thank you! I'm glad you did, too.