Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Far-Flung Correspondents: FelchingPisser . . . Pisses

Frequent commenter and previous contribute FelchingPisser, you might recall, is the good and infrequent kind of friend who invites me to just about all his gang-bangs. But he's a smart, educated, and well-read guy whom I know on a different, less sexual level as well.

Which is one of the reasons I've been letting him contribute to my blog from time to time—he's that perfect combination of sweaty sex pig, articulate intellectual (sorry, FelchingPisser, but I've blown your cover), and all-around nasty hot guy. Today he's writing about one of his favorite Chicago watering holes . . . in more than one sense of the term.

For more information about the group which FelchingPisser talks about here, please visit

Let him know in the comments how much you appreciate his contributions! I know I do.

FelchingPisser writes: 
When I wrote about MAL, I really only lived up to half of my chosen moniker: I got to felch a lot, but I only delivered one load of piss. This story will equalize things a little…but first, a word about piss play…

Piss play, for me, is all about one more hot liquid coming out of a cock. But it’s piss, not urine. Most guys I know, want a clear, hot stream. This, at least with my body, means starting to ingest fluids a good two hours before play. Juice or a sports drink first. Then more water than you would ever think. (I only like beer once it’s recycled…) And I constantly recharge during play. I want to be able to piss every 15 minutes or so for long stretches and with minimal uric acid left in the tract.

It seems to me there are as many different ways guys are attracted to piss as there are guys. Some want to drink from the tap—that feel of a never ending cum shot gets me terrifically hard (watch Dawson’s penis as he drinks from Brad Maguire in Meat Rack.) Many guys want to be covered—the piss dripping from their hairy pecs or ass cracks. Some at the party want to be covered, clothes and all—that hot liquid making the underwear cling to their erection is a huge turn-on. (Once a guy wore the rental tux from his brother’s wedding!!) Some want to wallow--several pigs always stay in the inflatable pool where guys who aren’t playing at the moment just come over to relieve themselves. Some want it used for humiliation. Most just love a hot liquid pouring over their body. A few boys want piss up their ass—once again, like a huge cum shot, filling them and raising the temperature of the canal. And for that, they almost universally come to me. I can piss hard and keep right on fucking…


I am parking my car on the street behind the bar in Chicago. And I have to piss. I mean REALLY piss. Shit. I angle in, not feeling very close to the curb with all the snow around. There is no one on the street. I unzip my military flight suit which covers my attire for the party. I haul out my cock, reach for my travel mug and piss a long steady stream. Damn, it’s gonna overflow. I will myself to stop, chug most of the mugs contents and let fly with the rest. Damn, I can still taste the sweetness from the Gator-Aid. Some boys are gonna love this….

I walk down the side streets and into the bar. The outer bar is dim, with only a few men at the bar. I check my winter coat. I’m in combat boots and the flight suit. It bulges bigger than George W. Bush’s photo op…The guys look at me. One, headed to the same place I am, smirks, gets up and starts for the back bar. There is already a line—no one wants to miss a drop. At 5 o’clock we pay our $25 members fee (which covers all our drinks and the cleanup) and head into the back bar. It’s all ours for the next 4 hours. I strip down in one fast motion and stuff the suit into my gym bag. I am now in my yellow jock, a left leather wrist band (as if they didn’t know I was a top), and a braided black and yellow one for my right wrist…’cuz with most anything related to piss I’m versatile. My cock ring is beginning to show some rust…

I check my bag, refill my water container at the bar and I’m ready. I sit on a ledge behind a high wooden screen that separates us from the bar. A TV is playing a Dick Wadd video relentlessly. I drink deep and eye the men undressing. The first person I see, bent over, stripping off his jeans is this former model from somewhere south of the Rio Grande. He is hot now in his 40’s and must have been jaw droppingly gorgeous in his youth. He is there with his Master to get every drop of piss he can and to be used as a total pig.  The Master and I have a standing agreement that I can do anything I want during the parties to Nick, his boi.  Nick stows their gear, makes a beeline for me, giving me a hug. “Please, Sir, may I suck your cock?” I nod and he is on his knees.  He inhales the jock—feeling and smelling the wetness from the remains of the car piss and makes a contented grunt. He mouths the jock until it is sopping. And only then removes my hardening cock from the confines of the material. With a swift gulp, I am lodged tight in his throat. It’s my turn to sigh. He’s one of the best…I tilt his face up slightly to look me in the eyes. My voice is low and intimate: “Do you want my piss, boy?” He can barely make a sound. But I know. I let fly with a huge piss load. He backs off a little so he can feel it run over his tongue.  He does not miss a drop.  I finally have to stop him suckling my cock after it’s dry. I pull him up and we kiss deeply. He whimpers again and looks over my shoulder at his Master who has watched it all, stroking his own thick cock. I send him on his way with instructions to find me any time he takes a cum load in his ass.  We will meet countless times over the next few hours…

The crowd is now about 50 to 60 guys all drinking, lounging, talking, sucking cock, pissing on or in each other, and, behind the screen, having a little more intense sex. I greet a tall, thin guy about my age who likes to have guys hose him down.  He kneels near me. A couple of other regulars move in. A hot bear starts to piss—aiming at the pecs of the guy on his knees. As one stream ends, the next begins—this from a young man dressed in a jock and waders. He directs his stream onto the now erect dick of the man on the floor. The pissee lets out the most passionate sounds as the second one hits.  A third guy from behind us, hoses the guy’s back. I’m sure it is coating his ass crack. I am surprised that I can add anything to his scene after so much went down Nick, but my prepping pays off...I start hosing on his cock, direct it up to his pits and pecs, then down to his cock again. He thanks us and heads to the bar for more beer.

Lots of other guys dip and sample my cock; some just for a chance to suck my dick, others wanting some piss.  A cute young one (average age here is close to 40--this one must be almost 30), dressed in briefs and sandals, kneels on the wet floor and begins to suck.  His cock emerges from his waistband as he gives me some really excellent head.  He comes up, we kiss.  I hunker down to suck his dick through the wet fabric, get his cock out and easily deep throat it.  He moans and with no warning gives me a mouthful of piss.  I swallow, wait until he is done and rise.  I kiss him again.  He opens his mouth for my tongue and gets most of his own piss load.  He squirms and gurgles as it goes down and almost cums...

Another of my Chicago faves arrives just as they lock the door at 7pm. He is a young pig with ginger hair and a voracious sexual appetite for sex of all sorts. A nice enough body, but oh, what he can do with it. He waves as he checks his clothes, naked except for tennis shoes. He grabs a beer and comes to where I am standing at the bar and pulls me behind the screen—always a good sign. He doesn’t even suck my cock, he just bends over, leaning on the ledge. I get the first taste of his ass—beautifully fresh scrubbed. Suddenly there is a stream of piss cascading down his crack, onto my waiting tongue. I swallow. I push some into his hole. He’s moaning loudly. We attract others. A second stream is added as I rim. I can’t keep up. I’m swallowing and sputtering and gasping for air. My cock is rock hard. I stand up and enter him. He gasps. A new stream of piss hits his back and runs down onto my cock so I am fucking it into his hole. A hot, shaved head bear with a PA is stroking as he watches us. I’m pretty sure he was the first pisser. He leans in and kisses me across the boy. I offer him the ass. He slides in. I piss on his cock as he fucks the boy relentlessly. He pulls out and I slip back in. The difference between our cocks is perfect; long and thick vs. shorter, thicker and PA’d. The boy has turned slightly now to get some faceless man in his mouth as well. The other top clambers up on the ledge and sticks his fresh-from-ass cock in my mouth. Heaven. I plow. The boy groans around the cock which is now giving him piss in his mouth. The top bucks into my mouth and shoots. He leans, spent, against the wall. I stop and kneel behind the boy and reverse felch the load into his ass. He grunts his approval. Nick’s Master pushes me aside and drives his cock into the gooey mess I’ve left in the boy’s ass. He adds a load in just a few strokes. I let the boy clean the Master’s cock as I felch the two loads mixed with piss back out. The PA top jumps down, pulls me up and kisses me. We exchange the two loads in one of the hottest snowballing moments I’ve had.

I need to get off. Now. But the ginger haired boy is sitting down on some other cock.
I hunt for Nick. He’s parked under the bar, drinking piss from every man who orders a fresh beer. I pull him up. 

“I need you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I bend him over. He holds on to the bar. No taking him back into any kind of privacy. “I’m gonna fuck you, boy.”

“Yes, Sir”

“Is your Daddy watching? He likes to see me use you.”

I kneel to rim his hole. So wonderfully used by this point in the evening. He moans. I jack my cock and foolishly add a little more lube. As if….

I stand. “Why are you here?”

“To get fucked, Sir.”

“What else?”

“To take your piss, Sir.”

“To take your piss, Sir.” He’s louder now. A crowd has ringed us on three sides. The bartender has stopped fussing and is actually stroking.

“Here boy.” I let fly with about half a bladder of piss on his exposed hole. He moans. I push my face into him and lick him clean.

“Please, Sir. Fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck me, now!!”

I rear up. My cock looks huge, even to me. It slaps his ass. I enter. I enter in one long stroke. I fuck him, in hard driving thrusts. It’s all about me at this moment. Nick knows it. And loves it. I catch sight of his Master watching me use his boi. Nick continues saying “fuck” as each stroke hits home. Everyone at our end of the room has stopped and turned to us.

“What do you want from me, boy?”

“Your cum, Sir.”

“Not yet.” I slow my driving. “Take it, boy. Take my piss.” I unload what feels like a never ending load in his ass. You can see on Nick’s face how much he loves it as it pours into his gut. The temperature of his chute hits the roof. I start to fuck slowly, building to a steady drive. I slap his ass. I’m back to the driving tempo of before.

“Give it to him!” someone shouts.

“Seed my Boi!!”

That sends me over the edge. I shudder, cling to him and shoot ropes of semen into all the piss I left up his clenching hole. I slowly withdraw. Some guy cleans my cock, but I have no idea who. I pull Nick up. Hug him. Kiss him. Hold him. And gently push him into the arms of his Master.


  1. fucking hot!
    I long for piss play

  2. Gingerbeard,

    You couldn't go wrong with scheduling a session with FelchingPisser. :-)

  3. wow is the only word that comes to mind.

  4. This is really not my scene.. but I got hard reading this (at work) nonetheless.. the lack of shame, judgement from others, utter freedom and sheer joy described by Felch make me feel.. I dont know. Like I'd be safe and feel right at home in that crowd.

  5. That was fucking hot! Thanks for sharing this wonderfully piggy story.

  6. Thank you, Mr Steed, for once again letting me post in your forum. Of course, once I saw it in print, there are any number of things I'd change--but in reading it this morning, I do think it captures some of the energy of this group of guys.

  7. And guys--thanks. It was hot to write it up---but far hotter to do. My side of Michigan is very "dry". I love getting into Chicago for this event. Rob, is it appropriate to post a link to the group here? If not, those who are interested in getting piggy in the Windy City should drop me a line on BBRT.

  8. FP,

    Post your link. Or send it to me and I can edit it into the body of the post.

  9. Steve--I particularly am grateful for your comment. It is the most inclusive group I play with. All ages--guys who wouldn't even look at some of the others in a traditional bar setting--play with each other as a very happy band of brothers.

  10. I am with Steve, this is not my scene, or certainly outside of my experience set, but damn if my cock isn't leaking like a garden hose. I agree also that on a trip to Chicago or Indy or Michigan, it would be fun as hell to travel along with FP not just because of the hot sex, but because of his maturity and the way he seems to treat men with hot respect even if they become qn object of desire. That's a pretty rare gift. Good for you man and thanks for sharing your world. Now I have to for for a run at lunch or jack like bat ou of hell. Honestly, I may do both:)

  11. Hey! You changed your blog to white! :OD

  12. Well, this IS my scene, both as a donor and as a recipient. The first time this ever happened to me was when I met a guy at the DC Eagle. We went back to his place and played for hours before he finally asked me if I had ever been into piss play. I'd heard about it and even thought about doing it, but I'd never found anyone to do it with. We went into his bathroom and got into the tub. Hardly had we started kissing when he pushed me down to my knees and let the stream start. WOW!! The warmth and smell of that fucker's stream was incredible. I made his piss in my hair, on my body and into my mouth. Then I returned the favor. We played all night. In between pisses he introduced me to another new treat.

    He went into the kitchen and returned with a pack of Oreo cookies. Taking one into his mouth, he leaned over and started to kiss me. "Pass it back to me", he said. As the cookie combined with our saliva, we continued to pass the sodden cookie back and forth until it passed into a totally liquid state. What a fucking trip! I grabbed another cookie and chewed it into small pieces, being careful not to swallow a crumb, and we once again passed the mix back and forth. Finally he took another cookie, chewed it, and told me to piss into his mouth. Manna could not have been sweeter as we mixed the piss and cookie.

    After that night I was a confirmed piss pig.

    Your comment about the tux reminds me of another interesting scene. My lover and I had gone to a Reagan pre-inaugural event in DC. After the event we strolled a few blocks over to the Eagle, clad in our tuxes, and had a few drinks. We left and returned home. I told my lover to go get the poppers while I poured each of us a fine brandy into a pair of Waterford brandy snifters. When he came back, still in his tux, I unzipped him and began to suck his cock. We alternated brandy and poppers until we were insane with lust. Finally I took his snifter and pissed into the remaining brandy while he did the same to my drink. Interlocking arms, we then each drank the delicious mixture! Somewhere around here I have a couple of pictures of me with my cock sticking out of my tux, brandy snifter in one hand and a fine cigar in the other.

    One final event. The DC GSA (Golden Showers Association) sponsored a bus trip to the Mineshaft in NYC. We left about 7 pm on a Friday evening on a chartered Greyhound bus. In the middle of the aisle of the bus were two 32 gallon trash cans, loaded with iced beer. Everyone helped themselves to a beer or two. Within an hour the piss had started to flow. People were pissing on other riders where they sat. Soon some of the guys were on their knees in the aisle, pissing on one another. By the time we arrived in NYC piss was literally running down the aisle of the bus. Now, I don't know if the bus driver knew this was going to happen or what his sexual proclivities were. All I know is that when he opened the door to let us off at the Minshaft he said, "You guys better leave me a nice tip". :)

  13. Thanks for the effort.

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  15. My earlier comment was done on the fly (my favorite place to be)! :OD And it made it sound as though I came but got all distracted by the new curtains. lol

    I've heard it said that if a guy is going to be used as a penis drinking fountain, he should stick only to water or beer. And he wants to be well-hydrated for the liquid volume but also because he'll be serving up clean "filtered piss" water, if you will.

    I recall a particularly lurid man (pisspig, really) who used to hang out in one of the men's rooms stalls at the Bijou. Nice looking clean-cut business type in his late forties maybe 50. He'd take off his shirt and tie and sit there with stall door open asking EVERY GUY who came in to piss into his mouth. He'd be in a stall inches from one of the tight-squeeze urinals. And sometimes he'd even be on his knees at the sink asking each and every guy for his piss and cum if they wanted to ejaculate after pissing.

    I think his direct approach was the trick. And he was kind of nice-looking in that "Are you sure you're not my investment broker?" sort of way.

    You'd pop into the men's room throughout the night and he would NEVER be without some cock in his mouth - pissing or cumming in it. HOURS on end (he never needed to even take a piss break, after all). lol

    He was one thirsty piss and sperm dump.
    Terrific accounting FelchingPisser. Do you keep your mouth wide open or suckle a bit on the cocks while guys are pissing in your mouth?

  16. A couple of great stories, guys. The bus ride would have been amazing. I never made it to the Mine Shaft--though it was one of my brother's favorite places.

    While I have done my share of bathtubs and showers, I really prefer to set up tarps under my sling so there is not that awful break in the proceedings as we rush to the bathroom. For WS newbies, my switch from deep rimming them in the sling, to pissing over their ass and back to rimming is a great introduction. I've had many, many converts of guys who were open to something new, but not sure it was for them...

    I think I ran into the guy Mr GHJ mentions at the Bijou. I didn't know enough at the time to take advantage of him. And in answer to your question...I'm a drinker. It often happens mid blowjob. I don't waste a drop. It's about the flow from a cock. Don't piss in a glass and expect me to drink it. (I know I did my own, but that was me hydrating-- and it was too damn cold to roll the window down an dump the contents out!) And yes, beer, water, fruit juices are great. And some teas. Coffee and hard liquor are terrible for my palette.

  17. yo mate I would like to take you both on ;-)

  18. Go, gingbeard, go!!!

    The closest I've ever come to sexual piss play is semi-sexual....
    After working out with a few fraternity brothers with weights, we all hit the showers, and one brother had just come back from a run an jumped into the group shower area with us. He had on his nylon running shorts in the shower, which he quickly shucked when the were wet, then he jacked his cock to a semi-wood and started peeing all over me. He pissed on my cock, then up to my abs, then down my quads. My eyes were closed. It took me a minute to figure out where this stream of what I thought was water was coming from.
    The other guys then started pissing all over, on me, straight up in arcs in the air, on each other. Laughing the whole time.

    Then it stopped. There I was with a boner, turned to the wall and shower head to soap up and calm down.

    Good times!

  19. Chris, did anyone speak of this later?

  20. FelchingPisser, Are you sure you don't want to write your own blog? ;)
    Like a couple of other commenters, this isn't my scene either, and as I read I kept visualizing myself as a somewhat apologetic vanilla shake.
    However, your writing is so hot that damn it if I didn't get aroused. I felt like I got to experience a scene I might never find myself in life...and enjoy (to echo one of your other commenters) the exhilarating and unabashed freedom. There is something so hot and sexy about that.