Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Super Moon Edition

Has anyone else noticed a little more crazy in their life, this week? Ordinarily I'm not a superstitious man. When an acquaintance blames an abundance of weird behavior on the full moon, I'm the first to give a bland smile and privately roll my eyes—mostly because half the time people say those kinds of things, it's not a full moon. It's a week to the full moon, or a couple of weeks past the full moon. And people, that really doesn't count.

The lunacy at home late this week seemed to wax as the super perigee moon approached its height, Saturday. Most the clients viewing my house veered way off their appointments and arrived either an hour late or early. I started getting a lot of bill collection calls . . . for someone named Shawna. My friends have been acting erratic. I was offered a chance to be on reality TV—and no, I didn't take it.

Then Saturday night, when I was trying to rustle up some action, I had all kinds of weird refusals and flakiness. I was told no less than five times that I was 'too big' to take—words I hadn't heard in a dog's age. I had a half dozen guys vaporize into the electronic ether the moment I suggested they come over for some fun. In the end, I did enjoy myself (in the moonlight, no less), but man. It was a struggle.

How about you guys? Any ill effects from the moon's monthly roundness?

As usual, I'll be taking today to round up some questions from If you have questions you'd like to ask, either use the mini-form down in my sidebar, or bop on over to the website and query away. I'll answer just about anything that doesn't push my boundaries, or isn't overtly rude.

Do you like the taste and texture of semen?
Absolutely. The vast majority of the time, the stuff is amazing to swallow. I eat my own, too.

Sometimes, however, particular guys will have a quality to their loads that is almost corrosive in my mouth; it'll feel as if it's slowly eating away at my tongue and cheeks. Usually it's pretty pungent, too. That is stuff of which I'm not at all fond, and which I tend either to choke on or spit out. Luckily, I don't run across them very often.

is der a difference in sensation between vaginal sex vs anal sex?
There is, and a lot of it has to do with the external pressure within the channel. They're both pleasurable in their own way, however.

Are you in CT yet?
Nope. Don't rub it in.

Do you sext? If so, what's the dirtiest text you ever sent someone?
No, I don't sext as a rule. Guys will text me for hookups, but I don't engage in sexual foreplay talk on my cell phone, any more than I'll cybersex with someone. (Which is something else I don't do.)

I love bottoming. But I also enjoy topping. However I have trouble cumming without jacking off when I top. Thus making it impossible to finish inside my bottoms. I don't know if its performance anxiety or what. Any suggestions?
First off, there's no rule stating that you have to finish inside your bottom, when you're topping.

I know, that might seem pretty obvious, but in this porn-saturated world, it may not be. You've probably seen a lot of porn flicks with hard-bodied tops and bottoms who fuck and fuck and always manage to shoot on cue, simultaneously, with the top giving the bottom a hefty load.

You don't have to do that.

If you're having difficulty getting off simply by fucking, it's okay to pull out and jack off to a proper finish. If you're worried about your partner thinking less of you (if he's a good guy, he should just be happy that you're getting off!), make it a show for him. Or when you shoot, position your dick next to his hole and shove the cum inside, after. Your partner will like that just as much.

If you've got a partner willing to experiment and you still want to try to shoot while fucking, switch positions. I tend to find it easier to shoot when the guy is on his knees or standing up, doggie style. Because of the vagaries of human anatomy, though, what might be a good general rule has its exceptions. I don't usually find it easy to shoot when a guy is on his back with his legs in the air, for example, though with Spencer, there's something about the way his hole works that I find it the easiest position in which to shoot in him.

You shouldn't be anxious about how you shoot. There's no need. Just have fun with it.

Did Earl ever let you tie him up and rape loads from him, such as in your own fantasy (8/14/10)? Because if he did you have to write about it for us pleeeease!!!
No, he never submitted to bondage. He taught me how to take bondage and how to appreciate it as a bottom, but I've never known anyone who shared my fantasy. Damn it.

Not a question, Mr. Steed. I have not forgotten your fantasy, and when you have relocated I vow to make it happen for you. There is nothing about it that does not appeal to me.
Thanks, anonymous person. I'd really enjoy that. More than you can suspect.

What is the first video game you remember playing?
Pong. On an arcade console, in a Howard Johnson's. For realz. I'm old, y'all.

As a writer, are you tempted to go on a book raid at one of the Detroit's abandoned libraries?
No, but I have been tempted to salvage the beautiful bronze doors of the shuttered and closed public library in Highland Park. They are truly beautiful and amazing, and it's a shame they're now nailed under layers of plywood and obscured by grime and graffiti.

face-to-face or doggy-style? feel free to list your favorite position to get you off
I enjoy all the positions, even the weird ones. But when it comes to pounding away, I prefer a guy on his knees or stomach, taking it from behind.

Some one made it sound like you had XTube vidoes. Do you? If so what's you id. If I might be so privileged to see them.
My Xtube nickname is mrsteed64. Enjoy!

Do you breed every man that you fuck? If so, how often do you get tested?
I'm not really sure how these two questions are connected, to be honest. There really shouldn't be an 'if so' between them.

The actual breeding—that is, the shooting of sperm into the hole—isn't what causes a top man to catch a sexually-transmitted disease. It's certainly one of the factors in what can cause the recipient to catch something, but not the other way around. The raw fucking itself is what would expose the top to an STD.

If you'd asked if I barebacked every man I fuck, I would've answered yes. And the follow-up question would've been that I test every three months or so.


  1. And the follow-up question would've been that I test every three months or so.

    This may be obvious to everyone else who reads here, but can you describe how they test? Is it a simple blood test, a visual inspection?

  2. JFB:
    Most places now do quick blood draw HIV test. They prick your finger, you put a drop on the test pad and wait 15-20 min. If you have the HIV antibodies in your blood this will cause a reaction on the test pad: color change or number of lines - kind of like a pregnancy test. If the fast test comes up positive they will do a full blood draw to retest and confirm.
    Other STI's vary. Throat, urethral or rectal cultures, urine samples or blood tests.
    If you are actively engaging in sex with other people, bare or not, you really should get tested on a regular basis (at least yearly).
    Hope this helps!


    And P.S. to Rob: Yes. It's been fucking crazy this week. But the moon WAS cool looking when it was coming up.

  3. You're right about the Highland Park public library doors. Such a shame.

  4. Has the week been loony? Who knows? People who accept a theory called "the fallacy of positive outcomes" would claim selective perception and memory.

    I have no opinion.

  5. Not a question, Mr. Steed. I have not forgotten your fantasy, and when you have relocated I vow to make it happen for you. There is nothing about it that does not appeal to me.
    Thanks, anonymous person. I'd really enjoy that. More than you can suspect.

    Well what do you know. I am that anonymous person, writing that before I had a Formspring ID, and it didn't occur to me to simply add my name. Sometimes I'm a bit like a Labrador Retriever, hell of friendly, but dumb.

    I'll wait to rub stuff until after you're here in CT ;-)

  6. I thought about the moon Saturday when I was planning to meet a hot new bottom (which is rare in the low population area I live in). He was supposed to be meeting me around 7 at my place and I would be getting back from a dinner with friends around the same time. We both ended up being late but he had left my driveway about 5min before I pulled in which means we passed each other on the road. Had to shake my head over that one.

  7. JFBreak,

    I hope VersBareCub answered your question. He summarized it pretty well. Don't be afraid to ask questions about your own health, ever.

    And VBC, thank you.

  8. BlkJack,

    You know them, then? They were utterly beautiful.

  9. 4:05 Anonymous,

    I would be one of those people who believe that theory.

  10. RedPhillip,

    I think I had you in mind as one of the candidates for having written that question. I'm game!

  11. 4:02 Anonymous,

    That's unfortunate. Was he at least willing to schedule a make-up date?

  12. The line to your not-so-secret fantasy is a looong one,Rob! I would love to give you the ultimate thrill with a probing wet tongue especiially around your amazing "man junk"! I can inagine a fucking hot hour of fun! Me and you,with you as my object of worship! Wow, it gets me wet!!!

  13. This is 4:02 Anonymous. Unfortunately I have to go to a conference this week, so we had to reschedule for next weekend. Of course allt the waiting is just going to make me want him more.